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Boost Networking at Your Events with Smart Networking Solutions


    Feb 27, 20233 min read

    Business events are an amazing opportunity for your attendees to network. Networking is a “business exchange” where your participants can meet other business owners, potential suppliers, customers, business partners, or any other experts with business experience that will help them grow their brand. Therefore, networking events provide your attendees with a pool of professionals, allowing them to exchange their knowledge, services, advices, and other.

    When thinking about organizing an event that could boost networking among your participants, the best way to do so is to use smart networking solutions such as the b2match event matchmaking software.

    To help you with that, we prepared a few key tips!

    Use an AI-powered event networking software

    Okay, we know what you are thinking. Everyone knows that the main part of using smart networking solutions must first be a networking platform. Well, while that may be true, not everyone is aware of how crucial is to have a high-quality b2b networking platform. The b2match event networking software will deliver the ultimate in-person, virtual, and also hybrid event networking for your participants with just a few clicks!

    With this all-in-one event management platform, struggling with organizing inspiring and engaging events is a thing of the past. With its many features, b2match will help you plan and execute your personalized event. This platform can create dynamic registration forms, and ease ticketing while saving you time to connect with your newly-made participants.

    Ticket, please!

    By using a smart event networking tool such as the b2match platform, you can ease the registration and ticketing process. With a few clicks, you can customize the whole registration process. On the platform, you can manage invitations, customize registration forms and participation types, add custom questions, files and other. You can also enable manual activation of the participant profiles if you want your event to be private. And finally, you can effortlessly monetize your event and/or community by enabling ticketing & payment processing (Stripe, Paypal, and invoices). You can use promotion codes, establish VAT rules and apply EU reverse charge options.

    Networking profiles

    Your participants love to network, so enabling them to do so more easily will boost your networking event to the moon! That can be effortlessly made by offering your attendees personal participant profiles that can be enriched with biographies, tags, docs, videos, and images.


    Another smart way of enhancing networking at your events is a b2match feature called the Marketplace. It serves as a sort of a catalogue and enables your attendees to upload and share their products, partnership offers, services and other, while keeping the registration process simple and easy.

    Some of the marketplace opportunities that your participants can upload are:

    • Product
    • Service
    • Partnership
    • Project cooperation
    • Investment Opportunity
    • Expertise
    • Request

    The marketplace feature helps participants filter business opportunities created by other attendees by using predefined filters. The attendees are able to easily add their own marketplace opportunities after going through the registration process.

    Notifying participants has never been easier

    Actively communicating about the event with your participants can easily be made via customized and automatized communication channels. Reach, remind, and effortlessly engage your audience with the b2match business matching platform. With it, you can customize email campaigns using participant segmentations and email templates. The software also automatically notifies your participants of registrations and conversations. Of course, automatic meeting reminders are also sent via email, push notifications, and SMS.

    Don't forget to analyze!

    Collecting and analyzing data that is provided by the event software will help you write business reports and determine whether your goals and objectives are met. This easy step is simple with our AI event networking platform, which collects all of your participants' clickstream data. Given data can be downloaded in various spreadsheets which will provide you with valuable business insights.

    While organizing a networking event is an amazing idea on its own, using smart networking solutions will boost it allowing you to relax and release some pressure off of your event management process.

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