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Benefits Of Using a Career Fair Software for Your Next College Career Fair


Dec 7, 20228 min read

As an event organizer, you know that organizing a career fair involves many moving parts. It involves much more than just setting up some tables and distributing flyers. There are several things to consider when preparing for the perfect job fair. You might feel a little overwhelmed and in need of some assistance as you fit all these components together.

We are fortunate to live in a world where technology is constantly developing, and individuals are continuously coming up with new methods to make organizing events easier, including career fairs. Consider using a career fair software to ease your organizing process for your next career fair.

What is a career fair software?

A career fair software is an event management software designed for event organizers to host career fairs. Its features are designed to manage large audiences, sell tickets, host hybrid events, engage participants, and network. As you may expect, there is a wide variety of online career fair softwares. The simpler ones use a website with chat windows where participants can interact with recruiters at predetermined times. Companies who want to make an impression, build their brand, and include more features, including an information center, booths, and educational webcasts, will choose more sophisticated solutions for career fairs.

What are the benefits of virtual career fair platforms?

As was already mentioned, virtual career fair platforms come in all shapes and sizes, so depending on the one you select, you will have access to different possibilities and benefits. A simpler and less expensive virtual career fair platform might offer fewer options. However, a more powerful tool might help your event stand out and generate a large attendance. This article will list all the fantastic benefits of the b2match college career fair platform that will increase student interest in your event.

Easier promotion process

The number of attendees has a significant impact on an event's success. No matter how much time, money, and effort you invest in planning and organizing a successful career fair, it won't matter if the proper participants don't attend. That necessitates marketing during the whole event, from pre-event preparation to post-event analysis. This is where you may profit when designing a landing page.

An event landing page is an online page designed to increase brand recognition and persuade students to sign up for your event. In a nutshell, it's a website designed to provide prospective attendees with all the specific information they need to decide whether to register for your event.

You can easily create an engaging event landing page or home page of your event with editable content using the b2match virtual university job fair platform to serve as the perfect meeting place for participants. To better represent your company, you may use this career fair software to add attention-grabbing information and change the website page's color scheme. b2match makes it easier to communicate with people from all over the world by allowing users to customize the page in different languages.

Another good method that you should include in your marketing strategy is e-mail marketing. Even if you have access to a wide range of digital marketing tools, email marketing is still the most effective way to connect with individuals who are already interested in your business. Through the b2match virtual career fair platform for universities, you may create and send emails to attendees, imported contacts, and other organizers. Additionally, b2match provides editable event advertising email templates with pertinent participant information, links, and buttons for quick access to an event page. The event marketing timeline reflects in each template, which means that there is a template for each stage of the event.

Event registration form

The registration page is a great place to collect pertinent information for better event planning. Every event has different goals, so every registration form should gather different information. The platform you use for processing registrations will also enhance guests' experiences. Your form should be short to avoid the chance of deterring your applicants from completing the registration. Limit the number of questions to no more than ten, if possible.

The b2match event management platform provides you with tremendous flexibility. What information users provide upon registration and how their profiles will look is up to you. With b2match, you can establish various ticket types, tailor the registration form to the participant group, and include promotional codes to entice more people to participate. If your event has venue size limits, b2match gives you the option to limit the number of people who can register for the entire event or particular sessions.

Personalized event agenda

Every type of event relies heavily on its agenda. The agenda serves as a synopsis of your event. You can divide the content of your event into sessions (conferences, workshops, webinars, lunch breaks) and add tracks (labels used to group these sessions). This information is used to display your event agenda on the event website.

With the agenda builder provided by b2match, attendees can easily fill their event networking schedule with customized sessions and meetings relevant to their event goals. Your attendees can immediately print out or download their PDF agenda to their phone. They can include a list of all meetings and sessions along with information on the time, place, and participants. A major advantage of using career fair software is that organizers can easily access all PDF agendas and print them for participants.

Better matches

Most attendees go to events to engage in high-quality networking. That is why the most crucial question is how your participants will connect. However, it can frequently be challenging to create networking among attendees at events. Because of this, it's essential to use a top-notch event matchmaking program.

The b2match event matchmaking software enables job searchers to construct their networking profile. You can add filtering questions regarding education level, employment history, etc., to the platform. Additionally, applicants may upload their resumes or other relevant documents. The cutting-edge networking features built with the b2match virtual career fair tool uses AI to go above and beyond. The b2match AI event matchmaking technology employs complex algorithms to analyze a large amount of data and present each attendee with an intriguing profile, increasing engagement and matchmaking interactions.

Better brand recognition

Companies gain more exposure thanks to the feature of designing a branded company page. A company page or profile serves job searchers to access all of the organization's created opportunities in one place and look up essential company information. Companies can create marketplace opportunities on the b2match platform to market their brands and attract prospective employees.

Exhibitors can add cover photographs and attachments to their company pages to personalize them and make their company profiles stand out. The b2match online career fair software enables all registered company members to be identified as company representatives to simplify the management process of the virtual job fair for big companies.

Increased visibility for event sponsors

Big names are important, but it is even more important to maintain a good relationship with your sponsors. Be sure you draw attention to them with a dedicated sponsor page to encourage more people to sign up for the career fair.

b2match offers a separate page on the event website where you can display all the event sponsors. Depending on their prominence, you can divide sponsor logos into groups. You can implement clickable logos to the page that lead to dedicated company pages where sponsors can track visits.

Automatic table and booth reservation

The biggest concern when organizing a career fair is table and booth reservations. This is where a career fair software may be of use. b2match ensures the smoothest scheduling experience. Participants only need to select the time of the meeting, while the software takes care of the location.

Based on their availability, the software automatically assigns table locations to meetings. You have the ability to reserve tables for participants or create a booth with a custom name for specific exhibitors. As an organizer, you can easily rearrange the tables by using the meeting scheduler. The software automatically detects a hybrid event's requirements. For instance, the program adds extra elements, such as table allocation, if we state that we wish to organize a hybrid event. That helps to streamline the planning process.

Everything in the palm of your hand

One amazing feature of a career fair software like b2match is that it has a mobile app. An event mobile app helps participants and organizers to make their experience more enjoyable and easier. Participants have access to every piece of information needed wherever they are.

The b2match event networking app provides easy access to the full event and personal attendee agendas, a clear overview of sessions and meetings with time and location details, and easy session management with one-tap login. The app enables effortless meeting management by allowing attendees to send and receive meeting requests directly through the app, providing them with the meeting list with all relevant meeting information, and keeping attendees updated with meeting notifications.

Another important feature is the built-in messaging function, which allows participants to easily have meaningful conversations and strengthen their networking. Messages can be sent along with meeting requests to simplify scheduling, and attendees can stay in touch and maintain business relationships even after the event ends. To ensure you are always up to date, b2match offers you customizable push notifications.

Everyday technology is taking one step further into making our lives easier. A career fair software can be of great help when organizing your next college career fair. But before choosing an in-person, virtual or online career fair software it is crucial to do thorough research to ensure you get all the benefits you can. It is important to know which questions you should ask before choosing your virtual career fair platform and to book a demo to experience the platform firsthand.

If you're eager to learn more about what b2match has to offer - don't hesitate to contact us.

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