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5 Reasons Why Business Events Need a Matchmaking Platform in 2023


    Mar 17, 20235 min read

    In recent years, the way we conduct business has undergone a significant shift toward digitalization. From online shopping to remote work, technology has made it possible to connect and collaborate with people from anywhere in the world. This trend has also affected the matchmaking events industry, with more and more events being held virtually or using hybrid formats.

    In this article, we will explore why business events need an event matchmaking platform in 2023 and how it can enhance the participant experience, drive engagement, and ultimately deliver better ROI for event organizers and sponsors. We will also discuss the key features to look for in a matchmaking platform and share examples of successful implementations in different industries

    1. The year of the AI

    We are pretty sure you had the opportunity to see numerous articles and posts about AI algorithms. There is almost no industry in which smart artificial intelligence systems have not left at least a little bit of their mark to improve and accelerate business. As we previously stated, the b2b networking event industry is one of those!

    Whether you are planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, our b2match AI-powered event matchmaking software can help you conduct the most memorable event for your attendees. When talking about hybrid or virtual events, we know that planning a meaningful matchmaking event that ends up with a strong connection can be a challenge. In those situations, traditional methods like business cards and handshakes are no longer possible in a digital environment, and attendees may struggle to find the right connections and opportunities without help.

    This is where our b2match matchmaking platform comes in! By using AI and data analytics, the b2match AI matchmaking software can help participants find the right people to connect with based on their interests, preferences, and goals. It also suggests relevant sessions, exhibitors, and activities to help attendees make the most of their time at the event.

    2. The market for products and services

    Another smart way of using an event matchmaking platform in 2023 will be a b2match feature called “Marketplace”. It enables your participants to upload and share their products and services while keeping the registration process simple and easy.

    Some of the offers that your participants can upload are:

    • Product
    • Service
    • Partnership
    • Project cooperation
    • Investment Opportunity
    • Expertise
    • Request

    This easy-to-use b2match feature makes the whole process that much easier and memorable. Your participants will be thankful for giving them space not only to network but to make your events an instant-valuable experience where they can promote their services and goods. The Marketplace feature helps participants filter business opportunities created by other attendees by using predefined filters. The networking event participants will also be able to easily add their Marketplace opportunities to their dashboard of the platform after going through the registration process.

    3. Meet after the event

    A frequently overlooked aspect of a well-organized business networking event is the follow-up that participants use to meet up with one another. Consider all of the missed opportunities your attendees may have during your networking event. So, why not assist them and make this process easier for them? You can easily extend the period for post-event meetings, allowing your participants to meet up with other attendees who they were unable to meet during the online networking event.

    You can also take advantage of this post-event matchmaking opportunity to share event highlights with your participants via your website or other online channels such as your social media profiles. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your and your participants' business ties.

    You can also use long-term networking, which refers to a matchmaking format that allows your networking participants to have virtual meetings anytime throughout an established time frame. It is an amazing feature for your participants because it allows them to connect more freely and at their chosen time.

    The distinction between a regular b2match networking session and a long-term one is that matchmaking sessions typically last a few hours while the event is taking place. Long-term sessions, on the other hand, can last up to a month or even longer, ensuring business connections for those who were unable to attend the networking event.

    4. Connection to a matchmaking mobile app

    The best networking apps will have their matching mobile app that will help you and your participants access the event more easily. The b2match mobile event networking app is an amazing tool with features before, during, and after the event.

    This app for business networking is thoroughly designed to help professionals connect and expand their networks. It provides a platform for attendees to connect enabling them to exchange information, establish new relationships, and explore potential business opportunities.

    The b2match professional networking app uses powerful algorithms and AI matchmaking to recommend relevant connections based on the interests and preferences of participants, making it easier for networking professionals to find and connect with like-minded individuals. Personalized profiles, messaging, chat functionality, and the ability to schedule meetings and follow up after the event are key factors of our smart and handy app.

    5. No more wasting time on data and analytics!

    In 2023 there is no need to collect and analyze data manually. Using a b2b matchmaking platform will assist you in gathering data before, during, and after your matchmaking event. The data collected will provide you with valuable business insights that will help your business in the long run. Data collected on a networking platform can provide you with event details such as the number of participants, meetings, and sessions.

    Meeting reports are another type of data that can be collected on the b2match platform. They provide you with data such as meeting duration, attendee data with profiles, and data provided by your participants via completed forms and surveys. When you analyze the collected data, you can gain valuable insights that will not only help your business grow but will also help you plan your next networking event by demonstrating what worked well and what could be improved.

    Enabling digital software tools on your b2match profile, such as Google Analytics, allows you to track ID and add it to the b2match configuration. This will improve your data collection and provide you with valuable information about your participants and the overall virtual and hybrid networking events.

    There are many other benefits of using an online matchmaking platform for events, contact us to learn all about it.

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