3 Reasons Why Your Virtual Event Needs a Vision

Your virtual event vision needs to be clearly defined. It should be engaging, daring, yet credible. It empowers your team to make clear decisions.

3 Reasons Why Your Virtual Event Needs a Vision

An event vision is an idealized picture of the virtual event outcome and it expresses the event’s reason for existence. A vision that is being shared among everyone who is involved in the conceptualizing and organization of your event has various benefits:

1) Motivation

Having a vision statement for your virtual event that goes beyond the usual empty phrases can be a real driver for the whole process of organizing. In order for the vision statement to work as a motivator for all, you’ll have to involve your team in formulating and writing down your vision. You could organize a small workshop where everyone could share their goals for the event outcome. This bottom-up approach will evoke everyone’s accountability to also achieve the common vision and goals.


2) A Virtual Event Vision Helps Make the Right Decisions

Event organization can involve a lot of decision making. These can be major decisions like choosing the venue and the speakers but also minor things like how long break periods should be. Having a vision will give everyone involved a sense of where you want to go, which helps make clear decisions. Making wrong decisions at some point or another is inevitable, but referring to your virtual event vision when facing a dilemma is still the best way to go.


3) Empowering Your Team

If you want to unleash the full potential of your team, you’ll have to have a bold vision. No one gives their all for mediocre goals and outcomes. A vision that is set slightly higher than what you believe you can actually achieve will feel worth working hard for. Communicate your virtual event vision whenever you find the opportunity to do so and see the change in attitude among your team. The French poet Anatole France said it best:

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan, but also believe.”


What to consider when creating your virtual event’s vision:

  • The vision of your virtual meeting should identify the direction and purpose of the event. In order to make it engaging it has to be daring but also persuasive and credible.
  • Make it easily understandable for everyone. No one likes complicated and overly sophisticated statements. Also make sure that it challenges and at the same time inspires people to go the extra mile.
  • Most importantly, a good virtual event conference vision reflects the capabilities and competences of those who are organizing the event.

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