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Virtual Event Solution

Create an engaging virtual experience for your audience to network, connect & collaborate

virtual event solution
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Key features to run your successful virtual networking event

Distribute & broadcast content

Flexible meetings scheduling

Third-party integrations

1:1 video meetings

Broadcast your event program & engage your audience online

Your participants can view your full event program and register for sessions such as workshops, webinars and more. 

Broadcast Event

Integrated video conferencing

Create video conference rooms for your interactive sessions

Upload pitch decks and other documents (including videos)

Upload demos, brochures, info decks and much more for attendees to view and download

Chat function & session recording


A virtual live stage for your streams

Incorporate any streaming provider

Simply embed links to your session buttons and work with any third-party streaming provider

Connect your attendees and they meet virtually

Connect Attendees

Smart & customizable matchmaking

Define your events matchmaking framework, who can get matched with whom, how meetings are requested and much more

Fully integrated 1:1 video meetings

Attendees easily have 1-to-1 video meetings with just one click, no additional software installation needed

Long Term Matchmaking

Meetings can be booked during an open time period (multiple days/weeks/months) & participants freely pick and schedule time slots for meetings

Explore a new way to create experiences that connect people

Connect people

Selectable mode of attendance

Define participants' mode of attendance and create fully or partially virtual events.

Central event hub

Assign your team members roles & responsibilities, organize your entire event program & control the events workflow

Moderate content and participant access

Specify session moderators and control participant flows through access rules

We support you all the way

We advise you how to utilize the virtual events solution best, walk you through the digitization process of your new virtual event and help you to build the best technical infrastructure.

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Reach a broader audience and run your events in the entire world


Effortless online attendance for participants


Explore new business opportunities


Insights into the planning & execution of taking a conference virtual


Advantage Austria


Virtual Event







1:1 Meetings


Collaboration Opportunities

Detailed feature overview

In Development


Integrated video conferencing available
Upload pitch decks and other documents (including videos)
Chat function & session recording
Integrate any streaming/webinar services
Fully integrated 1:1 video meetings
Smart & customizable matchmaking
Approval system & free scheduling based on peer availability
Selectable mode of attendance
Moderate content and participant access
Automatic timezone consideration
Select & set online-meeting duration
Meeting duration timer & easy meeting transition from call-to-call
In-depth session descriptions with upload of documents, speaker bios,...
Interaction tracking
Invite & add more people to the 1:1 meetings
Join 1:1 meetings via phone
Chat & file sharing for the 1:1 video meetings
Send calendar entries for 1:1 meetings via email
Polls & Surveys for live-sessions
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How you go virtual

Fully Virtual

A 100 % virtual experience with pure online attendance

Hybrid Event

The event takes place both virtual & physical and participants can choose the mode of attendance

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