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Virtual Networking Event Basics


Feb 21, 20233 min read

More and more each day, the popularity of virtual event networking is skyrocketing. The reasons for that are obvious - digitalization is helping us meet and stay in touch regardless of our physical distance and time zone differences.

When planning networking events, you can also gain from using a virtual event networking platform and help your clients, business partners, and colleagues have the best online networking experience.

In this article, we will go through the virtual networking event basics to help and navigate you in your future business endeavors.

Why go virtual?

As previously stated, organizing virtual networking events gives you many business opportunities. Firstly, it helps you expand your reach. By using the b2match virtual networking software you can easily reach a wider, global audience and open new opportunities for your attendees. With numerous different virtual event features, b2match will make planning a matchmaking event feel like a breeze.

Careful event planning is key

Whether you decided to organize an online event for a smaller business group, or a big, worldwide virtual conference, planning is always the first step. When organizing networking events you should be well aware of your target group. Who your attendees are, what they are interested in, what business trends they are following and what kind of content they prefer, are only a few examples of questions you should ask yourself before you start planning.

Knowing your business goals and objectives will help you to decide on the exact target group and on the type of virtual networking event you will be planning.

Integrated online video conferencing tool

The b2match online event networking platform provides a fully integrated and easy-to-use web conferencing tool that applies to any type of session in your event's agenda. When conducting online sessions via the b2match networking platform, you get to decide whether you will be using the integrated online video conferencing tool or an external one (like Zoom, MS Teams and other). This flexibility allows you to convey your event’s content with no limitations and minimum effort.

It also helps you increase attendee engagement to keep your business sessions exciting and engaging. You can gain engagement by, for example, utilizing the built-in screen sharing and chat features or even recording your sessions and sharing the video with participants after the session or the event.

Whether you are planning on organizing an online conference, webinar, workshop, or any other online networking event, think of investing in an event networking software as a necessity!

Live streaming: Broadcast it!

The beauty of using the b2match virtual networking tool when organizing an online matchmaking event is that you can reach far more participants and people interested in your business by live streaming it.

When the number of your attendees gets too big, try utilizing RTMP streaming. RTMP or a Real-Time Messaging Protocol is an online communication protocol that allows you to stream video, audio, and data through the Internet. With it being easily integrated into the b2match event matchmaking software, you can easily run multiple live streams and stages for different audiences.

By using RTMP, your online networking event will have an enhanced user experience, and of course, a real-time feel during your event.

Stay social on social media

There is no need to end your business relationships after the event is done. While b2match allows your attendees to conduct meetings after the virtual matchmaking event is complete, you can always widen engagements on your social media platforms. After the event has ended, don’t forget to share memorable moments and event highlights, interesting video clips, or even the whole online meetings and conferences. People like to stay in touch, so allowing them to do so via their chosen social media platforms is a great way to remember you, help you share experiences, and to gain profitable loyalty.

Your business social media profiles are a great place to share news and updates about past, current, and upcoming events. Social media promotions that you conduct before the event can help you build up excitement and anticipation among the participants. If your business is regularly posting about your activities and staying in touch with your followers, there is no doubt your participants will gladly register for your next online networking event!

By understanding the basics of virtual networking events, planning it with great business results shouldn’t be a problem. Organizing such events is now more easier and accessible than ever!

If you are still unsure whether to start using an online networking software, we encourage you to contact us and try out our free demo!

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