Extend Participant Connection with Post Event Matchmaking

Give your event attendees what they want most. More opportunities to expand their network and form meaningful connections. Enable flexible matchmaking after the event.

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Extend Participant Connection with Post Event Matchmaking

New Business Opportunities Are Possible Even After the Event With an Impressive Matchmaking Solution

Events may end, but networking doesn’t. Around 70% of participants log in and browse profiles after the event. Meet their needs by allowing them to send messages and have online meetings with participants they have missed.

  • Custom Meeting Date

    Participants can have meetings during a predefined time period after the event ends. The built-in calendar provides a simple and intuitive scheduling experience.

  • Custom Meeting Time

    Flexible scheduling allows meetings at any hour of the day. Advanced matchmaking software calculates time differences and suggests suitable meeting times for both participants.

  • Virtual Meeting

    Our integrated video conferencing tool does not require any downloads or installations. Participants easily start their meetings with just one click.

Let’s Explore How Matchmaking Works

Learn how our Post Event Matchmaking Solution can bring additional value to your event. Maximize its potential and keep your participants engaged to help them make even more valuable connections.

Utilize Smart Matchmaking Powered By AI Recommender

Our intelligent recommender system suggests even more interesting profiles after the event. With advanced machine learning algorithm, it analyzes all the data generated by the participants during the event.

Easy-To-Schedule Meetings

Our Post Event Matchmaking offers flexible scheduling options featuring a smart reminder about time zone differences. Participants schedule a meeting by following these easy steps:

  • Pick the meeting duration
  • Select the date of the meeting
  • Choose the time slot for the meeting
  • Send a message (optional)

Meeting Notifications Keep Participants Up-to-Date

Participants are continually notified about any changes made to their scheduled or pending meetings. Our interactive notifications inform them about:

  • New meeting requests
  • Accepted meetings
  • Rescheduled meetings
  • Canceled meetings

Want to Maximise the Potential of Your Event?

Ask for Post Event Matchmaking now and offer additional value to your participants on your on-site, hybrid, or virtual event.

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