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b2match next Marketplace: An Advanced Tool for Business Collaboration

Apr 28, 20232 min read

For quite some time, the Marketplace has been an essential tool for fostering business collaboration in b2match. As you know, it offers a variety of possibilities, such as the ability for individuals and organizations to create and advertise their business opportunities, goods, services, inventions, job postings, and more.

It also enables participants to locate suitable counterparts for their future collaborations. In b2match next, the Marketplace has undergone a much-needed redesign, giving you and your participants a more user-friendly layout and streamlined experience.

How does the Marketplace work?

Creating an opportunity in the Marketplace is simple and straightforward. The first step is to add a memorable Title, which is seen first by other participants. A short description can also be added, giving other participants a quick overview of the opportunity. For more detailed information, a long description can be added, along with images, files, and videos to give a comprehensive picture of the opportunity.

As there are different types of events, there is also a variety of Marketplace opportunities specific to each event type which you can add to the Marketplace. For example, if you are attending a job fair, the opportunities shown on the Marketplace will be job postings. Within each opportunity type you can define keywords which help your participants categorize and later filter their opportunities, making it easier for them to find the most relevant ones for their specific business goals.

Single opportunity page or marketplace opportunity landing page shown on the b2match event networking platform.Single opportunity page or marketplace opportunity landing page shown on the b2match event networking platform.
Image: Single opportunity page on the event website.

As we covered in our previous product update Event Registration in b2match next, participants' marketplace opportunities are connected to their b2match accounts. This means that participants don’t need to create them individually for each event they are participating in. Instead, all the data is saved on their b2match account, and may be published (or made visible) on numerous events, or unpublished if they wish to hide it on a specific event, making it easier for participants to speed up the process and maximize their exposure.

Also, your participants can now choose to associate the opportunity with their organization page or only with their participant profile, providing more control and flexibility.

By providing a platform where participants and/or businesses can create and publish their business offers, you facilitate more meaningful collaborations that drive growth and innovation.

Marketplace website page shown in list viewMarketplace website page shown in list view
Image: Marketplace event website page shown in list view.

In addition, the Marketplace offers a new feature that allows participants to switch between list view and grid view, providing a more convenient and customizable user experience.

Marketplace website page shown in grid viewMarketplace website page shown in grid view
Image: Marketplace event website page shown in grid view.

If you want your participants or organizations to have a specialized place to offer their products, job opportunities, services, or indicate what kind of business collaboration they are looking for, the b2match next Marketplace is the ideal tool to help them find the right partners for their next venture.

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