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Virtual Networking Market Trends in 2023


Mar 2, 20234 min read

Every day, almost by the speed of light and thanks to digitalization, market trends are rapidly changing. Everything is faster and more connected, and smart tools are more accurate and precise than ever.

Virtual networking is also included when we talk about trends, especially because it uses smart event matchmaking like b2match, which allows organizations to create and plan more flexible, memorable, and efficient network architecture that can adapt to changing business needs.

What is virtual event networking?

Virtual event networking, like in traditional networking events, is a well-planned process with a specific time frame to connect business people and assist them in developing meaningful relationships with each other. The matchmaking event is held in “virtual space”, better known as a virtual networking platform.

A perfect example of such a platform is the b2match all-in-one matchmaking platform which provides its users unique virtual networking tools and helps them to engage their audience. It gives you features like integrated video conferencing, smart matchmaking, easy staffing, and many more.

The beauty of virtual networking lies in connecting possibilities, for you can provide meaningful matchmaking worldwide. Think about it this way - why should physical “reality” limit you and your business endeavors?

In honor of one of our favorite ways of networking (virtual), we are bringing you some of the most popular virtual networking trends in 2023.

AI - the event matchmaking helper

You have most likely already heard news about all the smart ways that artificial intelligence is helping us in technology. But did you know AI can help you connect your virtual networking attendees more successfully?

The b2match AI-powered event matchmaking platform provides profile recommendations as one of the most important features. With its latest update, attendees can mark profiles as not interesting to improve the algorithm. In long term, it will help improve overall user experience, so that your event participants can find even better business opportunities on your matchmaking events.

Therefore, in 2023 we expect that virtual matchmaking events will be more meaningful than ever, given that machine learning will create better and better user profile-matching suggestions. The b2math algorithm analyzes the attendee's behavior (meeting requests, messages sent, bookmarks, and profile visits) and participants' profile data, which will give them even better profile recommendations.

Security comes first!

With the usage of virtual platforms, we often think about possible risks, and violation of participants data security is one of them. People are more often afraid of giving their personal information to unknown and new sites, so when you decide to organize an online networking event it is important to have that in mind. To help you with this challenge, the b2match virtual networking software is certified and fully GDPR compliant. But, b2match also provides you with a feature helping you in staffing security issues at large events - restricted access for Supporting Organizers.

Let’s say you are organizing a bigger matchmaking event with a lot of attendees - it is almost impossible to manage all of the thair profiles all by yourself. Such events often have Supporting Organizers, who are responsible for a certain group of attendees. However, there are many cases when Supporting Organizers should not be able to see the profiles and data of participants they are not responsible for.

For that, you can use our easy restricted access for Supporting Organizers solution that allows Main Organizers to decide whether Supporting Organizers can see all attendees or just the ones they are responsible for.

Going viral

You have probably spent a lot of time planning a meaningful virtual networking event, so why not share it with a bigger audience? Whether you would like to do that in real-time or share a broadcasted video after the event is over, using a live streaming tool to help you achieve all of your business goals is definitely a rising trend in the event industry.

When using the b2match AI event networking software, you can easily integrate any streaming provider or use our integrated video conferencing tool to convey your content without limitations. It is an amazing feature when your audience gets too big, or you decide to make your in-person event hybrid!

Use our Live stage where your event attendees can watch the live stream and interact with each other via chat. It is the best way to help you have a greater reach!

With every year, virtual networking is getting better and better. If you want to provide your attendees with a more meaningful networking experience it is important to keep up with the trends. But worry not - the b2match b2b event matchmaking software is doing that for you.

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