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Virtual Event Live Stage with b2match

Britta Pichler

Jan 7, 20211 min read

Virtual and hybrid events are the future. Event organizers need a platform that can seamlessly facilitate large audiences and keep them engaged during presentations. b2match hybrid event networking software has been hard at work optimizing the live stage for your future event needs.

What is a Virtual Event Live Stage?

A live stage is a session where organizers use livestreaming to deliver content. Livestreaming is an online video format used to broadcast through the Internet in real time.

When Should Organizers Use the Virtual Event Live Stage?

When setting up an event, whether live or prerecorded, to a large audience to convey information e.g. presentations, speeches, keynotes.

Some of the new b2match live stage features are:

  • Enables you to use professional livestreaming software
  • Viewable from the event website for registered and validated participants
  • Audience engagement with Q&A, chat, and polls, which organizers moderate
  • Track who attends the live stage
  • Export data and generate reports

b2match customers are actively using live stage. Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, hosted The International Conference on Biometrics for Borders. The event goal was to provide a virtual event platform for dialogue for decision-makers, project managers, and other practitioners.

They embedded a YouTube live stream code into the b2match hybrid networking platform by simply copy/pasting the code from YouTube. This allowed almost 500 participants to view keynote and other main event sessions. During these main events attendees used the chat function to communicate with one another as they were receiving relevant and important information.

Screenshot of b2match live stage being streamed to event website with chat function open and comments includedScreenshot of b2match live stage being streamed to event website with chat function open and comments included

During and in between sessions, participants could also schedule 1:1 meetings to continue the exchange of ideas.

Frontex was able to meet its main event objective of bringing people together to prompt dialogues and get people talking even in these complicated times.

To learn how to use live stage for your next virtual or hybrid event, talk to us.

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