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Networking Event Tips: Keys to Creating Long-lasting Connections


    Feb 27, 20233 min read

    While educated speakers and event organizers share information with their participants at meetings and events, there is another essential reason why participants attend in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. Many of them want to expand their network and meet interesting people to build connections with.

    If you want your attendees to remember your outstanding event, you must provide enticing networking opportunities. New creative technology is only assisting event organizers in making networking possibilities more convenient and efficient enough to connect more like-minded attendees throughout the event cycle.

    How do you make a networking event successful and help to create long-lasting connections among your attendees? Follow the steps below.

    Pre-event: Understanding attendee goals

    Understanding attendee goals is an important aspect of planning networking events as it helps event organizers create an impactful experience for their participants.

    First, think about providing attendees with a personalized agenda and schedule. The b2match all-in-one event management software for b2b networking gives you the opportunity to empower networking with scheduling. Participants can easily send and receive meeting requests by utilizing the power of AI-powered event matchmaking software and its algorithms. Whether your attendees want to build their personal network, explore new technology solutions, or just talk about business ideas, collecting the data with AI in advance helps you choose the right matchmaking tools to make sure that the right connections are being made at your event.

    The b2match b2b event matchmaking software helps you create any type of meeting for your participants. A good idea is to allow your participants to create one-on-one meetings before the event. This way they can connect to each other without distractions.

    During the event: Custom app and matchmaking

    What about intelligent matchmaking during your event? While your event attendees control the outcomes of their networking efforts during your event, it is your responsibility to develop an adequate event plan. By utilizing our tips and b2match tools, your next event can be a networking heaven for your attendees.

    A custom event app is a great addition to a networking event. The b2match mobile event networking app allows you to enhance attendee engagement. In addition to seeing their matches through our app, participants may add meetings to their own agenda, and access contact information on attendees, sponsors, and exhibitor lists.

    Post-event: Exchanging information

    You devote so much time and effort to preparing your event and networking activities that you may be ready to move on to the next one as soon as it’s done. Yet, post event networking is an excellent method to nurture leads and create long-lasting connections you worked so hard to generate through your event. The key is to keep communication open. Attendees can share ideas, and if you hosted a virtual networking session, post all presentation material in one place using the b2match event matchmaking software and its features.

    Arranging a networking event after the main event is another excellent approach to maintaining relationships among attendees. These kinds of meetings are often more relaxed and informal. Send a follow-up email to guests after the event and invite them to continue the conversation. Also, you can invite attendees to register for more upcoming networking events.

    Technology has altered the course of events. Digital technology has enabled organizers to use pre-scheduled meetings, share calendars, use mobile phones as useful tools for matchmaking, and gain insight after the event by using event management technology. This resulted in creating strong connections between business professionals and other event attendees.

    The b2match event networking tool has solutions to all your problems. Organize a flawless networking event and your participants will be thankful for it. Contact us today.

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