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5 Main Problems When Managing Your B2B Matchmaking Event


    Mar 2, 20233 min read

    B2B matchmaking events are an important aspect of business networking. They provide companies with an excellent opportunity to network, find new business partnerships, and gain insight into industry trends. Organizing a B2B matchmaking event can be a daunting task that requires extensive planning, coordination, and execution. These are the five main issues event managers face when hosting a B2B matchmaking event.

    Inadequate Event Promotion

    Another major challenge for event managers is the effective promotion of the event. Event managers must target potential attendees and encourage them to participate in the event. With so many events, it can be difficult to capture the attention of potential attendees. Event managers must use multiple channels to promote the event, such as social media, email marketing, and direct mail. In addition, event managers can work with industry associations or media outlets to promote the event to their members or readers.

    Limited Event Technology

    Technology plays a critical role in the success of a B2B matchmaking event. Event managers need to leverage event technologies such as event apps or an event matchmaking software to enhance the attendee experience and facilitate networking. However, many event managers do not have the budget or expertise to use these technologies effectively. To overcome this challenge, event managers can consider partnering with event technology vendors or using free event technology solutions.

    Insufficient Post-Event Follow-Up

    The success of a B2B matchmaking event does not end when the event is over. Event managers need to follow up with attendees after the event to foster lasting relationships and business partnerships. However, many event managers do not have a clear strategy for following up after the event, resulting in missed opportunities. To avoid this problem, event managers need to develop an event follow-up plan that includes personalized emails, social media activity, or phone calls. This is an easy task with our event networking software, which gives you accurate data on all attendees with information about them that is necessary to build up a great follow-up strategy.

    Poor Data Management

    Data management is critical to the success of B2B matchmaking events. To avoid potential issues such as double-booked meetings or mismatched attendees, event managers must invest in a reliable event management software that can handle data management and attendee matching seamlessly.

    An ideal solution for effective matchmaking is the b2match AI-powered event matchmaking software. Powered by unique AI algorithms, it ensures that attendees are connected with the most relevant matches based on their preferences and interests. This leads to high-quality networking opportunities and meaningful connections.

    Lack of Attendee Engagement

    The success of a B2B matchmaking event depends heavily on the engagement of attendees. Attendees who actively engage in networking activities and interact with other attendees are more likely to make valuable contacts and achieve their business goals. However, many attendees are uncomfortable approaching new people or starting conversations, resulting in a lack of engagement and missed opportunities.

    To overcome this challenge, organizers need to devise tactics that promote attendee engagement. One successful approach is gamification, where games or challenges are included in the event to motivate attendees to engage in networking activities. Incorporating features such as polls, Q&A sessions, and word clouds can also enhance participant engagement at your event. Consider integrating Sli.do into your b2match event networking platform, as it can offer all of these functionalities to your attendees. This integration can be applied to both virtual and in-person events, depending on which format is most suitable for your specific event.

    Organizing a B2B matchmaking event involves a range of important tasks, including planning, coordination, and execution. However, event managers often face various obstacles, such as keeping attendees engaged, promoting the event, managing data, using event technology effectively, and following up after the event. By devising effective strategies and utilizing event technology solutions, event managers can overcome these challenges and deliver a worthwhile networking experience for all participants.

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