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How to Run B2B Networking Sessions at Your Next Virtual Event


    Feb 27, 20234 min read

    Connecting with other business professionals in a virtual context utilizing online networking platforms and tools is what a b2b networking event today entails. These events provide opportunities for businesses to market their products and services while also meeting new partners.

    The ability to offer b2b networking sessions can be a real differentiator, setting you apart from other virtual events. By using the b2match all-in-one event management software, you will run a fantastic b2b online networking event. It facilitates the entire process, from participant registration to the end of the event.

    Virtual networking events offer a more interactive experience than traditional meetings. A successful virtual event needs to be planned and organized in advance to fulfill all necessary b2b segments.

    Step 1: Attendee profiles built for effective matchmaking

    Creating an attendee profile is a great way to ensure that the right attendees are matched with each other. Although it may appear simple, it is the key to every effective b2b networking session. This refers to attendee profiles from buyers to sellers and recruiters.

    The b2match smart networking event software makes it easier for you. If you, as an event organizer, were to do manual profile recommending, it would take more time than you think. Our AI-powered matchmaking software uses machine algorithms to do it for you in a very short period. The software uses the gathered data to suggest relevant connections for each attendee. Using AI matchmaking helps event organizers ensure that their b2b networking events are more successful, which ultimately leads to higher levels of attendee satisfaction.

    Step 2: Schedule online networking sessions

    If you want to keep your attendees engaged and attentive, make sure your event has a range of activities. And we don’t mean separate Q&As or other forms of material by this; we mean including networking sessions into your online event agenda. It can work wonders for your attendees and provide them with a great chance to interact. Keep these sessions short, around 10 to 15 minutes to guarantee maximum attendee engagement.

    Pro tip: Send your attendees short demo videos to get them up to speed on how networking works that demonstrate to them how to register, schedule meetings and make agendas.

    Step 3: Public agenda

    When organizing b2b networking sessions, your goal is to make everything easy for your participants. It is important that attendees can create agendas and check out others’ agendas when they start scheduling meetings in our virtual event networking platform.

    Each participant has complete access to the availabilities of other participants, knowing when they’re available to schedule a meeting. If a participant cannot participate in an online session, they can modify their agenda in just a few steps to indicate they are too busy at the arranged time. Modifications are immediately updated. This eliminates any uncertainty and allows attendees to plan meetings with confidence.

    Step 4: One-on-one meetings

    It is always a good idea to encourage your participants to engage in one-on-one meetings. By enabling attendees to schedule meetings before the event, they can plan their time more effectively and ensure they meet with the right business people.

    The b2match mobile event networking app is another useful matchmaking tool that enables attendees to connect more. It has built-in real-time messaging characteristics and participants can stay in touch even after the event and nurture post-event networking connections.

    Step 5: Integrated online video conferencing

    Utilizing the b2match virtual platform’s unique virtual networking tools that are integrated directly, you should easily organize an online video conference that can be used to convey your event’s content to participants without limitation.

    Some features that you should consider when using a conferencing tool:

    • Built-in screen sharing to showcase presentations
    • Chat features to comment and ask questions during the presentation
    • Recording your sessions to make them available for those who didn’t attend

    The b2match online conferencing tool also allows you to integrate other video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Webex, Vimeo, or Restream. Try integrating each of them to see which one is the best for your networking goals and needs.

    They can all be beneficial if you want to accommodate many participants. If too many participants register for your event, utilize RTMP streaming. Livestreaming is an effective way to broadcast event sessions to large audiences. Utilizing live streaming can significantly enhance the reach and engagement of your event, providing a more immersive experience in a virtual ambient.

    Step 6: Event social walls

    Incentivize your attendees to network with other business professionals through community tools like Walls.io. A social wall is a good method to encourage attendees to share their experiences and connect in real-time. It might be difficult to foster a sense of community during virtual events, but this tool helps participants to make vital connections. It also aids in reaching a wider audience.

    The aftermath

    The advantages of virtual events include statistics, fast sign-ups, and data tracking. This allows you to target leads and deliver personalized follow-ups. As a result, a post-virtual event email or open chat can boost b2b matchmaking. If it is a hosted buyer event, add interactive webinars with our virtual matchmaking platform for events to put buyers in touch with sellers and industry experts.

    Virtual b2b networking events require careful planning and preparation if you want them to be successful. It is important to note that effective b2b networking relies on clear communication and well-planned logistics. You can simplify the process by leveraging b2match event technology resources such as the AI event matchmaking and virtual conferencing tools. Book a free demo today and learn more.

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