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How to Maximize Networking During Virtual, Hybrid & In-Person Events


Feb 27, 20234 min read

Networking is one of the most important parts of every b2b event. By interacting with people from different companies and industries you increase the ability to connect with the right business partners. Event organizers need to be up to date with all the changes in the digital world that change the whole process of networking at events. Sometimes it can be very hard, but we have the solutions you need.

The b2match event networking platform offers you a wide range of advanced matchmaking features you might need for your next networking event.

It is especially important to embrace new ways of boosting engagement to keep the interest of your wanted audience. Keep reading to find out how to get the most out of your next matchmaking event.

1. Pre-event participant's scanning and networking

Use our b2match event matchmaking software to allow your participants to present themselves in details and network with others even before the beginning of the event. One of the many features of b2match is a built-in conversations feature. It provides organizers with more control over the event and conversation flow. Also, with our in-person, virtual or hybrid event networking software, your participants can easily create any type of B2B meeting they want.

And this is how to do that. First, they go to the event participants’ list and scan attendees whose profiles seem interesting. They send them a meeting request, with (or without) a message and start an open discussion about their similar business interests.

2. AI matchmaking is your best friend

We interact with AI on a daily basis, usually without even knowing it. Using an AI-powered event matchmaking platform to any kind of event can save you a lot of time and it allows you to gain valuable insights afterward. So how can you make the most of it at your event?

The key to event technology is the ability to analyze hundreds of data points very fast. If you tried processing all those data by yourself, it would take you weeks. It reduces a big amount of work for organizers and automates their work.

The b2match AI event matchmaking platform provides you a feature which generates automatic participants’ profiles suggestions. Our algorithm processes large amount of data and provides profile recommendations, depending on your participants’ needs and previous connections they made using the platform. Once AI understands the goal of your attendees, it can offer them more relevant matches and help them achieve their business goals. The result of this is increased engagement and quality matchmaking interactions.

3. Engage your audience wherever they are

It’s not just about setting up an event, it’s about making meaningful connections. Allow your in-person and hybrid event participants to connect and get high-quality event experience. Set up engagement tools like polls, Q&As, workshops, or other, to keep the communication going.

4. Roundtables

Creating roundtables brings like-minded people together in one spot. They engage in productive and meaningful conversations to achieve effective networking and matchmaking. How is this possible in virtual space?

By using all the features of our event networking platform, you can easily organize a roundtable by making groups of your participants. After you divided them into groups of four to five, make a couple of group meetings. These groups should be carefully chosen and motivated by their similar interests.

The b2match AI event matchmaking software is of great importance here. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest profiles to participants, while also complying to GDPR requirement.

5. Agenda Builder

Keep your meetings on track by setting an agenda. Creating the agenda actually allows participants to give feedback and make changes according to topics of interest. This allows organizers to map up all important information and makes it easier for attendees to stay open for discussion and follow along.

6. Event networking mobile app

Thankfully, technology makes everything easier nowadays. Networking is more important and easier than before. b2match offers a mobile event networking app that gives you instant information with just one click. Participants can request meetings from the app and sustain their new professional relationships. This mobile app will increase the level of brand professionalism so make sure you try it for your next event.

7. Event feedback

After the event has ended, it is important to collect the data. Our event matchmaking software offers you a wide array of feedback options, like the meeting ratings or full event survey, which allows you to receive valuable information directly from your participants.

Don't forget to follow up with your participants. The feedback can be a valuable asset to improving your event next year. After the event finishes, don’t forget to send a summary to all participants or do a follow-up. Make sure to get the most out of it.

Regardless of whether it is a virtual networking event, hybrid or in-person, it is important to utilize the features an event networking platform can provide you to give your attendees the best matchmaking possibilities. By utilizing our AI event matchmaking features you enhance professional connections and help your attendees meet the right people quickly and effortlessly.

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