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How a B2B Matchmaking Software Can Help International Trade


    Mar 2, 20233 min read

    When you think about it, b2b networking platforms are a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and find new clients and partners in the local, and global market. By automating the matchmaking process, you can easily save time and resources while helping your networking attendees find better matches and potentially access new markets.

    In this article, we will give you valuable insight into how a b2b matchmaking software can be a helpful tool for international trade.

    What is international trade?

    To begin this topic, it is important to understand what exactly is international trade. It refers to the exchange of goods and services between countries, internationally. International trade also involves buying and selling products and services across national borders while enabling it to be conducted by both individuals and businesses.

    It is important to remember that international trade has become crucially important for the global economy, as it allows countries to specialize in the production of their services and goods, and then trade them with other countries. It is an overall great way to shape businesses and industries, and there are many ways it can be facilitated, especially by using a b2b matchmaking tool like b2match.

    1. Helping people connect outside borders

    It is not easy to meet business people and companies abroad. Be an initiator and organize a virtual networking event that will help your international participants meet effortlessly. With the b2match smart event networking tool, your attendees don’t have to worry about traveling, and losing their time and money, all they need to do is attend your virtual matchmaking event without leaving their homes and enjoy new meaningful connections that could help their businesses grow.

    2. Better matches

    Meeting new business connections can be stressful, especially if you include traveling and engaging in a new culture. That is another great opportunity for you to use the b2match AI-powered event matchmaking software! With its advanced algorithms, b2match AI Meeting Recommender helps your international participants connect more easily, especially at large events.

    When your attendees start to use a b2match platform, it records the following actions that represent the recommender activities:

    • Participant profile visits
    • Bookmarking participants
    • Requesting meetings
    • Sending messages
    • Accepting meetings
    • General activity

    All of the above have diverse priorities, which will be analyzed by our algorithm in order to detect participants who behave similarly, and while recommending them useful profiles, it also helps you enhance booking numbers.

    3. Easy customer support

    When dealing with international events, the need for customer support is usually inevitable. The b2match online networking software provides you with a reliable customer success team that will help you every step of the way, and lead you to fulfill your event goals. If you need any help with discussing your networking events’ pain points before, during, and after the event, we are here for you.

    4. After-event meetings

    The follow-up that participants use to meet up with each other is an often-overlooked aspect of a well-organized international virtual networking event. When different locations and time zones is a part of your networking event, think about all the missed opportunities your attendees might have. So, why not help them and ease this process? You can extend the period for post-event meetings, giving your participants opportunities to meet up with other attendees that they weren’t able to meet during the online networking event.

    You can also use this post-event chance and share your event highlights with your international participants via your website or other online channels like social media. It is a great opportunity to strenghten your participants' business bonds and help them remember you the next time they are searching for a matchmaking event.

    We hope that this short b2b matchmaking software walkthrough helped you decide to plan and organize an international trade event. With the b2match event matchmaking tool even the most complicated events can go without a problem, so go ahead and contact us to get your demo today.

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