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3 Ways a B2B Matchmaking Software Will Help Your Exhibitors


Mar 16, 20233 min read

When planning an exhibitor fair, picking a great all-in-one b2b event matchmaking software will help you go the extra mile. Nowadays, great networking platforms are not only helping business professionals and companies to position themselves on the internet but also to help them and their event participants enjoy b2b networking during the exhibitions from the first match till the events afterparties.

In this article, we will show you 3 ways in which a b2b matchmaking software can help your exhibitors.

1. A flexible and memorable hybrid experience

Using the b2match online matchmaking platforms for events will give you the opportunity to host your hybrid exhibition events effortlessly. Our hybrid matchmaking platform for events helps you plan and organize memorable hybrid events that will help your participants skyrocket the value of their exhibition experience. With b2match, you can turn complexity into seamless execution by delivering real ROI to exhibitors with qualified leads while reducing your event costs and simplifying event planning. All that is possible through automatization and tech-powered solutions like:

  • Marketplace
  • AI-powered matchmaking
  • Hosted sessions
  • Professional exhibitors profiles
  • Sponsors And many more...

2. Increased efficiency

The b2match AI-powered matchmaking software can easily help exhibitors streamline the process of identifying and connecting with potential business partners. Instead of relying on chance encounters or lengthy research, exhibitors can use the software to search for and connect with other attendees based on shared interests, business goals, and other relevant criteria. This can save time and increase the chances of finding valuable and meaningful partnerships.

One of the best b2match features for increasing efficiency and exhibitor networking is AI event matchmaking. Out AI Meeting Recommendation system uses actual machine learning algorithms that process huge amounts of data in order to recommend interesting profiles to every exhibitor. It is also an amazing tool for increasing engagement and high-quality matchmaking interactions. You can enable exhibitors to find interesting prospects more easily by segmenting them into participant types, like sellers or buyers, investors, and start-ups, via our fully customizable registration process.

This way, when using the b2match business matching software, exhibitors can focus their networking efforts on the attendees most likely to be interested in their products or services. This targeted approach can help them make more meaningful connections and generate higher-quality leads. It also ensures that exhibitors don’t waste time talking to attendees who aren’t a good fit for their business.

3. Improved ROI

As we previously established, by helping exhibitors make more targeted and efficient connections, B2B matchmaking software helps them get more leads, and in the end - a higher return on investment from attending events. Exhibitors can make more valuable connections in less time, which will lead to more sales, partnerships, and other meaningful business opportunities. It will help exhibitors justify the cost of attending events and ensure that they see a positive ROI from their investment.

By helping them achieve that, you are also ensuring your ROI, and the return of your participants the next time you decide on organizing such a business event.

We hope that this small 3-way guide helped you understand the positive and useful sides of using b2b matchmaking software when organizing events for exhibitors. The most important thing when organizing an event is giving value to your participants, and we know that the b2match matchmaking platform will provide them with memorable networking experiences. Give a great networking experience a try and contact our sales team now!

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