Getting participants
Jonas Schöneborn

Your website is configured, has a great agenda, a proper setup and the registration is now open for participants.

These are the next steps you should take to fill up your attendee list.

Motivating the first participants to register

Here are our best practices to fill up your participant list just after the registration phase has started. This is crucial when matchmaking is an important part of the event. Nobody wants to be the first one to register and you need to incentivize people by providing some interesting meetings partners right away.

Usually, thereby it should be possible to get at least 20 interesting profiles that serve as templates and motivate other participants to register.

Ready for your promotion campaign

Before you start with any promotional campaign for your event, you should make sure to increase the attractiveness of your event website by having listed interesting participant and marketplace profiles.

When you have done your homework by having a list with the first participant…….., it’s time to start actively promoting your event.

Start off with the following by yourself:

Reach out to others to promote your event:

Participants engagement

To keep participants engaged and yield a high meeting outcome which satisfies attendees, you must always monitor the quality of your participants’ profiles.

It should be one of your main tasks!

Make sure to let them know what is going on and keep them engaged by staying in touch. This will motivate them to really show up at the event, share it with others and drive satisfaction.

In the next blog post, we tell you how to stimulate the booking of meetings at your event.

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