Best Event Management Practices to Get the First Registrations

Your event is set-up and ready to go. Learn how to entice the first participants to sign up.

Best Event Management Practices to Get the First Registrations

Your website is configured, has a great agenda with a proper setup, and the registration is now open for participants.

These are the next steps you should take to fill up your attendee list.


Motivating the First Participants to Register

b2match has facilitated 1,000s of events. We have supported and observed many organizers with every step of their event. With years of experience, here are our best practices to fill up your participant list just after the registration phase has started. This is crucial when b2b matchmaking is an important part of the event. Nobody wants to be the first one to register and you need to incentivize people by providing some interesting meetings partners right away.

Usually it should be possible to get at least 20 interesting profiles that serve as templates and motivate other participants to register.

Register yourself and all your organizing partners

First, you ensure the registration process is working smoothly and second, you get the first profile examples to let participants see how theirs could look like.

Register your speakers

Ask your speakers to register and create a profile - or offer to do it for them. Speakers are very interesting meeting partners and sought after by participants, so your additional effort in listing them will pay off for sure.

Note: Don’t forget to ask them about promoting the event in their network as well.

Ask former participants

You can ask last year’s participants to attend again if it is a repeated event. There are two handy options at your hand to utilize this group:

  • Reach out to selected participants and offer to directly copy their information from last year’s event, if they wish to attend again. This is top customer service.
  • Import a former participant list directly and copy their existing information. There already is a profile available and you can offer them to insert this information in the registration form.

Contacts in your direct network

Next, contact clients with whom you already have an established relationship and which could be interested in your event. Contact them directly and ask if they want to be among the very first ones to be listed for the event. This position is exclusive because it means their profile will be there before the active promotion starts and a maximum of reach is achieved.


Ready for Your Promotion Campaign

Before you start with any promotional campaign for your event, you should make sure to increase the attractiveness of your event website by having listed interesting participant profiles and marketplace entries.

When you have done your homework by having a list with the first participants, it’s time to start actively promoting your event.

Start off with the following with yourself:

  • Let everybody know about your upcoming event and post it on the social media of your choice
  • Use your organization’s newsletter to spread the word among your stakeholders.
  • Make a post about it on your website - the news and event section.
  • If your organization has a reception desk or an info corner - place flyers there.

Reach out to others to promote your event:

  • Ask your colleagues to directly share the event post on LinkedIn and with some high potential participants in their network.

Inform network-multipliers like Chambers of Commerce, clusters or innovation agencies about your event.

  • Ask them to promote it on their website or in their newsletter and always include the promotion package to ensure a high-quality description and to minimize their effort.
  • Phone them and offer a collaboration - sometimes they are very happy about this opportunity because you face a lot of synergies.
  • If someone from abroad registers, ask the respective embassy or the Enterprise Europe Network office from this region if they want to promote and support your event.


Participants Engagement

To keep participants engaged and yield a high meeting outcome which satisfied attendees, you must always monitor the quality of your participants’ profiles. It should be one of your main tasks.

  • Directly remind participants to complete their organization description and marketplace entries. If the information is available on their website - just transfer it by yourself. The participant is usually very happy about this service.
  • Remind participants that the b2b matchmaking is about creating synergies through giving and receiving. Tell them to emphasize in their communication, that it is not only about telling others what you can do for them but also about what others can do for you. Chances are good the business matchmaking finds a solution for your problem as well.
  • Additionally, stay in touch with your participants and inform them about anything related to the event. New speakers holding a keynote or additional side events extending the agenda.

Make sure to let them know what is going on and keep them engaged by staying in touch. This will motivate them to really show up at the event, share it with others and drive satisfaction.

Contact b2match to learn more about how an event management software can efficiently facilitate your event, save you time and money, and access expert customer success managers who give you valuable tips to success.


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