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Don’t Cancel - Pivot to Virtual Events

Jonas Schoeneborn

Mar 26, 20202 min read

The event industry has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. The general response to reduce the spread of the virus is to limit the number of people allowed to gather, travel, and socialize with one another. The event industry was left flat-footed for a moment, until other viable solutions emerged.

Virtual Events: A Viable Alternative to Postponing or Cancelling

Postponing or even cancelling an event are two painful options organizers can choose from during these days. In some cases, it can make sense to go with one or the other. However, there is another option which every event organizer should be well aware of and that should be considered thoroughly - hosting virtual events.

Virtual events is especially interesting for organizers with events that already have a large number of registered participants and scheduled 1-1 meetings.

Virtual Event Benefits

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is key, especially because no one can foresee how long the circumstances will affect the event industry. The best approach is to maximize your options so you can respond to changes in the most flexible way. A platform offering virtual event meetings increases your options from 2 to 3, so you can choose accordingly.

2. Save invested time, money and efforts

Do not lose the investments you made along the event planning process. Taking your event virtual instead of cancelling it will help you save a major chunk of your initial investment.

3. Lower expenses

Hosting a virtual event can even be less expensive than a normal event. For example money for the venue, on-site staff, and catering can be saved.

4. Global access

In fact, the event location is one of the three most important factors that participants take into consideration when deciding if they attend an event or not. A virtual event is online accessible for everyone, so it can even expand the scope of your event.

5. Higher participant satisfaction

Due to the current Coronavirus many people are requested to be at home to control the spread. Thus, your event might just be the kind of entertainment people appreciate during these times.

Virtual Event Solution

Through new integrations, the b2match platform now makes it possible to have virtual networking and business matchmaking events.

Participants can book and schedule 1-1 meetings with each other as usual. Meetings take place via video conference instead of face-to-face. Other event content like plenary sessions can be broadcasted e.g. via webinar.

Virtual Event Support

Existing events can also change their mode from a physical event to take place 100% virtually. The most important factor for the transition to virtual mode is a reliable partner that does not only provide the necessary features but also supports you in the process.

b2match customer success managers are in close contact with all of our customers and consult them on the best way to let their events take place. Virtually.

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