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Career Fair Networking Tips for Students


Nov 23, 20225 min read

Getting the career you want requires networking, as you have probably heard countless times before. However, few people can explain precisely what networking in college is. The purpose of networking is to build relationships with classmates, professors, student organizations, and other groups with similar interests. Because of the competitive job market, the way you network can be more valuable than the skills you possess. In college, you may gain an advantage by networking at events like career fairs.

If you want to learn more about how to network at a career fair, look no further! We compiled a list of some of the best career fair tips for students.

Find a career fair

Let's be honest. Virtual events have more benefits than in-person ones. The same is true for career fairs. You should be ready for the possibility that the next career fair you attend will take place on a virtual career fair platform.

b2match virtual career fair solution offers you to find attractive job fairs in one spot. Companies can design their company page with all relevant company information. You can even find job offers and request a meeting directly. It is always a good idea to thoroughly research the companies attending the virtual career fair so you can decide in what company you have an interest.

Create your job applicant’s profile

The most important thing during a career fair is to present yourself properly and mingle with other attendees and recruiters. b2match virtual career fair software allows you to create and customize your profile to appeal to potential employers. You can include a picture and a brief introduction bio. Answer questions about your experience, education, and other qualifications that companies may consider when hiring. You can also upload your resume or any other required documents on b2match.

Spending a little more time on your profile is essential. It is advisable to be as detailed as possible in your profile because b2match's AI Recommendation System employs machine learning algorithms to analyze huge amounts of data and recommend interesting student profiles to each company. This will significantly speed up your virtual event networking process.

What to say at a career fair

It is important to know what to say at a career fair. That is why you should always come prepared and work on your elevator pitch before the event. An elevator pitch is an effective technique to introduce yourself to others and make one or two key points without wasting too much time. A good elevator pitch usually lasts no longer than 1.5 minutes. You should prepare this pitch in advance because you never know whom you'll meet before, during, or after the employment fair. Your school, major, and interests are just a few of the areas you can cover in your elevator pitch, and it is also advisable to include a question about the company.

Clean your surroundings

It is always a good idea to clean up the area that will be visible during video meetings. Keep in mind that you will be appearing before an employer, so make sure the room you are in is distraction-free (i.e., free of TV, music, background talk, noisy roommates, etc.) and presentable so you can come across as more organized and professional.

How many times did you hear the saying "clothes do not make the man"? Probably a thousand times, and that is because it's true! Even though the career fair will be conducted on an online career fair platform, you should still dress the part! When you present yourself properly, employers can tell you are serious about looking for new work chances. This is a benefit that goes above and beyond your skill set. It's essential to present yourself professionally at a career fair to stand out from the crowd and build strong relationships. Always remember that overdressing at an event is better than underdressing.

Engage at the career fair

It is hard to know exactly what you do at a career fair, especially if it is your first time attending one. Keep in mind that your main goal is to engage in networking at career fairs and create connections that may lead to numerous opportunities for you in the future.

Being genuinely interested in others is essential in forming relationships. To stand out to employers, you must demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in their work because people can often sense dishonest intentions. Even if you don't necessarily agree with them or are interested in their business, it's still a good idea to show genuine interest in everyone you meet at a career fair. As you work toward your goals, these people may be able to point you in the right direction or refer you to other companies.

Show off your strong body language during a meeting. Employers are just as interested in your delivery as what you are saying. Don't forget to sit up straight, watch your hand movements, and avoid covering your mouth when speaking. Leaning in and smiling at the camera will help. When speaking, don't be afraid to look into the camera rather than at the recruiter's video. Consider this as eye contact.

On the b2match online career fair platform, you can register an interest in meeting with another individual or company and rank the priority of your expressed interests as low, medium, or high. But don't worry. If you change your mind, you can easily change priorities on the list before scheduling is complete. You can choose between one-on-one or group and schedule them in advance. b2match also allows you to collect virtual business cards to ensure you get the most out of your networking session.

Don’t forget to follow up!

Since many employers speak with hundreds of people a day, to stand out, it's important to follow up with employers even after the career fair. Getting in touch with the employer demonstrates your commitment and sincere desire to learn more about the organization or position. You can send them a thank-you note, to show your gratitude for their time and your enthusiasm for their company.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and now know how to prepare for a career fair. We wish you the best of luck with your future job opportunities!

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