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Choosing the Best Time to Host a Career Fair to Attract Top Talent


Dec 1, 20223 min read

The first thing to consider when organizing a career fair is the time and place of the event. If you decide to host your event on a virtual career fair platform, you automatically solve the logistics of the location problem, but the timing is still crucial. Businesses and students often have busy schedules, which can all contribute to the success of your event.

To achieve the best experience at your career fair, you may need to share some career fair networking tips for students. But as an organizer, you are probably wondering - what is the best day for a job fair?


Everybody understands how difficult Mondays can be. It's challenging to return to our routine after the weekend. Students find it difficult to attend the regular activities in their schedule, such as lectures. Organizers are advised not to hold career fairs on Mondays because turnout is low.

The same is true of hiring managers. If recruiters travel from another city, they might need to cut their weekends short so that they can leave their homes on Sunday night. The turnout won't be much better, even if the event is held on an online career fair platform.

Middle of the week

The most popular day of the week to hold career fairs is Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Thursday. The advantage of holding your career fair in the middle of the week is that you'll have about a day to remind people and respond to any lingering inquiries from students. On Monday and Friday, exams or deadlines are more common, which means students have more freedom in the middle of the week. Another significant benefit is that recruiters are able to travel and set up on a spare day and will still be home by the end of the week, even if the fair takes place on Thursday. After all, you want well-rested, happy employers talking to jobseekers rather than folks frazzled by same-day travel.


One thing to have in mind when you’re in the process of career fair planning is don’t hold career fairs on weekends. Both recruiters and students focus on the weekend, so they are unlikely to attend your career fairs. Everyone is traveling home, which occasionally requires them to cut their Fridays short. Although, there are a few exceptions. For instance, conducting a career fair on Friday evening or Saturday may be the perfect day if your college has an active evening and weekend program for students. However, remember that this will require recruiters to work on the weekend.

Time of the day

Most career fairs begin between 10 and 11 a.m. to suit class schedules. Evening events, however, provide students with more time to prepare. Candidates that are confident and relaxed will make better connections. The registrar's office can provide all the information on when students are most likely to be in class. At some schools, most students prefer morning classes, so career fairs are usually in the afternoon. Additionally, employers prefer afternoon events because they do not have to wake up at such an early hour.

Best Month for a Career Fair

At the beginning of the academic year, students are generally re-energized and eager to engage. In February following winter break, they share a comparable level of ambition and intensity. Additionally, they are looking for summer jobs or internships, while graduating students concentrate on finding full-time employment. Students frequently retain their motivation from September and February in October and March, which are your second-best months for holding career fairs.

When organizing an in-person career fair, you are limited by the time and location of your event. Virtual career fairs do not know those limits. By using a virtual career fair software like b2match, you can easily organize and host your virtual career fair at any time.

Virtual career fairs are more practical because they only necessitate a stable internet connection and a video camera. That implies that students do not have to travel to your venue to participate. Students save time and can join during their break, which can all increase the success of your event.

A successful job fair depends heavily on good attendance. An online career fair platform helps with attracting a wider talent pool, but timing is still important. Determine what day is most convenient for students to attend a career fair as well as when they have free time. Wednesday is typically the ideal day for students and recruiters to attend college career fairs. Every school and university is different, so try to find an approach that works best for you!

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