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Startup Investor Events

A Startup Investor Event Platform That Facilitates Business Opportunities

Connect startups and scaleups with potential investors and industry experts. Help startups bring an idea to market and expand their network, while providing exciting business opportunities to investors.

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A $$Startup Investor Event Platform$$ That Facilitates Business Opportunities
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Customizable profiles

Rich Startup and Investor Profiles

First impression matters. Determine what the profiles of startups and investors will look like and what information is displayed.

  • Divide participants into Startups and Investors, or create an even more complex categorisation
  • Set up custom questions that will be used as building blocks for a company profile
  • Turn the questions into filters that help participants narrow down their search
Startup Investor Pitching Sessions.png

Pitching sessions

Set Up Pitching Sessions for Short Presentations

Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of minutes. Create any type of session (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) and give startups a chance to find a potential investor.

  • Set up dedicated sessions for startups to hold a short presentation to investors
  • Limit the number of participants that can sign up for the sessions
  • Virtual sessions are conducted through a built-in video conferencing tool featuring screen sharing
Startup Investor Meetings.png


Bring Startups Face to Face with Investors

Deals are made in person. Set up online, in-person, or hybrid meeting sessions and give investors and startups a chance to meet and discuss potential business opportunities.

  • Define which participant group can send or receive meeting requests
  • Allow participants to schedule their own meetings or schedule them yourself
  • Utilize group meetings where one startup can meet with several investors at once
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Startup Investor Business opportunities.png

Business opportunities

Let Startups Showcase What They Have to Offer

Use the Marketplace feature to allow startups to present their ideas, goods, or services. Make it easier for investors to decide who to meet.

  • Startups can upload images and files, embed videos, and create rich text descriptions
  • Create an efficient categorization with customizable tags for opportunities
  • Tags give participants the option to filter the list and find opportunities more easily
Startup Investors Success story.png

success story

START Global Utilizes b2match to Foster Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Read about how START Summit brought together over 3700 participants and facilitated over 1000 meetings, laying the groundwork for fostering and accelerating regional entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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