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Professional Innovation Partnering Event Matchmaking Tool

Match front running SMEs, MNEs and research institutes to foster market oriented research and help them create consortiums with a professional event matchmaking tool.

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Professional $$Innovation Partnering$$ Event Matchmaking Tool
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Project ideas

Inspire Collaboration with Attractive Project Opportunities

Allow your participants to share project ideas and collaboration opportunities for research, development and innovation within their sector.

  • Participants publish searchable project ideas enriched with files, images, videos, etc.
  • Create categories that will be used as filters that ease matchmaking
  • Allow project opportunity representatives to be listed as profiles under each project idea
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bilateral meetings

Connect International Partners and Build Successful Consortium

Global reach in timely and cost-efficient manner. Set up online, in-person or hybrid meeting sessions and give your participants the opportunity to connect with future project partners from all corners of the world.

  • Easy meeting realization with our integrated video conferencing tool
  • Allow your participants to preschedule their own meetings
  • Utilize group meetings where one researcher or industry expert can meet and discuss ideas with several potential partners at once
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Innovation Partnering Agenda.png


High Level Sessions That Encourage Innovation

Content attracts attention. Organize various sessions which include keynotes and lectures, panel discussions, and short talks on innovative projects and research works.

  • Create various types of sessions (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) according to your needs
  • Set up hosted sessions for your participating organizations to help promote their work
  • Virtual sessions are conducted through a built-in video conferencing tool featuring screen sharing
Innovation Partnering Speakers.png


Put a Spotlight on Your Keynote Speakers

Drive more traffic to your event website and get more registrations with keynote speeches by the greatest industry experts.

  • Provide speakers with greater recognition by creating striking profiles and biographies
  • Upload various files and presentations (jpeg, png, pdf) to complete the participant experience
  • Add a Speakers page on your event website to attract a greater audience
Innovation Partnering Live Streaming.png

Live stage

Reach an International Audience with Powerful Live Streaming

Boost energy and keep the event engaging with a professional live streaming software to share your panel discussions, keynote speeches or in-depth workshops worldwide.

  • Create multiple live stages which are broadcasting real-time to your audience
  • Boost engagement by using the integrated chat, Q&As, and polls during the live sessions
  • Embed a recording after the event to keep the important conversations going
Innovation Partnering Sucess Story.png

Success Story

Interreg Utilizes Event Community Platform to Transform Ideas into Complete Proposals

Interreg represents a series of programmes created by the European Commission to stimulate cooperation between regions in and out of the European Union.

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