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Product Update

AI Powered Event Profile Recommender

Mar 7, 20221 min read

Sometimes, participants have a hard time choosing from so many potential meeting partners on a matchmaking event. That is why we decided to step up our game and develop a recommender system powered by artificial intelligence to help your participants!

Personalized Event Networking Profile Matching

On the Participant list, each participant will see a section with 3 suggested profiles. Those profiles are the ones our AI system determined to be most suitable for the participant based on the information it analyzed.

Participants can also see an expanded view which displays additional information about each participant, including information about their organizations.

The Magic Behind the Scenes of a Networking Event

Our AI Event Matchmaking system uses a machine learning algorithm to provide the profile suggestions. It analyzes the participants' behaviour, including profile visits, bookmarks, meeting requests, etc.

As the event progresses, the system continually learns and adapts the recommendations to each participant. The more participants there are and the more they interact with each other, the better the recommendations.

To enable it, go to Configuration > Matchmaking Settings. Please note that this feature is currently in beta phase in our AI event matchmaking software, but it will only get better with time!

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