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Product Update

Advanced Meeting Management

Dec 23, 20211 min read

We are very excited to share our new feature with you, since it has been long in the making. Managing participant meetings on our event matchmaking software has never been so powerful with the new Edit Meeting option for organizers!

Change the Date, Time, and Location

As an organizer, you now have the power to completely edit a meeting between two participants. The new interface makes it easy to make changes to the meeting time slot and location.

You can see which time slots are available for the participants, and for onsite meetings, you can easily change the table or booth.

Add Multiple Participants to a Meeting

This marks a big step towards group meetings and a huge change in the very foundations of b2match. One-on-one meetings don't have to be one-on-one anymore!

You can add more participants to the meeting, making it visible on their Meeting list. No need to worry about overbooking participants because our powerful software takes care of it! It checks all participants' availability and prevents you from selecting a time slot that is not available for everyone.

We are already working on allowing the participants to invite more people to a meeting themselves. Make sure to keep an eye on upcoming feature releases on our b2b event management software!

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