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Worst B2B Networking Mistakes at Events


    Mar 12, 20234 min read

    While networking is a process of meeting new people, it is referred to as business matchmaking when done in a professional setting. It entails developing and maintaining professional relationships with business people, as well as organizations and businesses. Well-organized networking events can lead to valuable connections and new business opportunities, all while teaching you about and outside of your industry.

    When you manage the planning of a professional networking event, you instantly become a community business leader. You are responsible for gathering businesses to share ideas and advice based on their experiences. So are they some of the b2b mistakes you should try to avoid? Absolutely!

    B2B matchmaking can be a great opportunity for businesses to make valuable connections and expand their network. However, there are also several mistakes that businesses can make at these events that can hinder their networking efforts. Here are some of the worst B2B networking event mistakes.

    Bad preparation

    Whether you are organizing a big or small networking event it is very important that you prepare ahead. Your planning preparation should be thorough and precise, and you shouldn't leave any room for mistakes.

    Not preparing also includes not doing research on the attendees or companies, and not having a clear understanding of the event’s purpose and agenda. If you don’t do research on the attendees or companies of your industry, how can you even plan your B2B matchmaking event? Doing research should be the first step in planning any great event because when you know and understand your audience, giving them a meaningful and memorable experience should go without any problem.

    Not using an event networking tool

    In this day and age, while everyone is on the internet, one of the worst mistakes is not being present online. Try to think about it, if you don’t use some form of a website, you are narrowing your reach and giving your networking event boundaries for its success.

    So, if you know you have to be online, why not do it in the right way?

    When choosing where to position yourself on the Internet, think about using an all-in-one event management platform that will not only help you and your participants to connect but also aid you throughout your event, from the planning phase, all the way to the after-event matchmaking. It is also important to do so on a reliable site that is able to host your in-person, hybrid, and virtual matchmaking events. And is there any better platform for that purpose than the b2match b2b event matchmaking software? We think not!

    Our original all-in-one b2b matchmaking platform will help you manage registration and participation types, set u various networking and matchmaking sessions, create an agenda, host webinars, and much more in just one platform! From supportive and helpful customer support to numerous features and integrations, the b2match smart networking platform is giving you the opportunity to wow your attendees in no time.

    Forgetting to broadcast your event

    Try to imagine how much bigger impact you could make with having a bigger audience! Of course, sometimes we don’t want to or have the resources to organize an event for bigger masses, but there is an easy way how you could do that without compromising the number of your attendees.

    Whether you are planning a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, broadcasting your event by live streaming can be a great way to widen your impact without having to host the audience. With the b2match b2b networking platform live streaming has never been easier! When the number of participants gets too big, just utilize RTMP streaming, which will create an enhanced user experience and a real-time feel during your event. RTMP streaming will minimize the delay between the broadcast and the viewer, and help you run multiple live streams and stages for a different audiences. You could also use broadcasting to built-in live stream chat to conduct Q&As and moderate sessions.

    Not collecting and analyzing data

    After the networking event is over, the next logical step is to collect given data and analyze it to help you write business reports and see if your premade goals and objectives are achieved. This step is easily made with our smart b2match algorithms that collect all of your attendees' clickstream data and allows you to download various spreadsheets containing large amounts of data. This collected data will give you valuable business insights and help you understand the online networking event impact. It can also give you guidelines for your next b2b matchmaking networking events and business opportunities

    Enabling digital software tools such as Google Analytics on your b2match profile will help you effortlessly track ID and to add it to the b2match configuration. Doing so will elevate your data collection and provide you with valuable knowledge and insights about your participants, your target market, and online networking events overall.

    We believe that these common b2b networking mistakes at events gave you an insight into what to avoid during matchmaking event organization. It is easy to make mistakes, but by having the assistance of a great business matchmaking software like b2match is a way to go to maximize avoiding them to happen.

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