How Swiss Startups Connect Smarter With Virtual b2b Matchmaking

How Swiss Startups Connect Smarter With Virtual b2b Matchmaking

Key Facts


How to Support the Swiss Startup Ecosystem

A virtual b2b matchmaking platform is the newest project of Startup INVEST to support the startup environment in Switzerland.

"Where Startups meet Investors and Corporates," is the slogan of Startup INVEST, the organizers of leading events in Switzerland for Deep Tech Startups. On their agenda is the professionalization of the Swiss investment environment, presenting early and later stage startups, such as inviting industrial partners to participate.

They pursued this goal by the means of three flagship events, all supported by b2match.

Startup DAYs, Venture DAYs and IPO DAYs.

Startups, investors, corporates and supporters can meet and enjoy the efficient and goal-oriented b2b matchmaking, which b2match brings to typical networking events.

But due to a pandemic crisis (COVID-19), an alternative to the typical events was needed.

Determined to take the lead and keep the funding alive during challenging times, Startup INVEST decided to find a solution.

“The pandemic crisis is putting pressure on almost all businesses. Especially startups need funding to continue their operations now in order to survive and thrive.” -  Startup MATCHER website

The challenge the organizers were facing, was to find an alternative way for the startup environment to continue to connect and collaborate in a structured way.

But differently, to detach the benefits of goal-oriented and efficient networking from fixed event dates and locations. Bring it into a virtual platform, and make it permanently available.


A Permanent Business Matchmaking Alternative

The solution - a fully virtual b2b matchmaking platform - called Startup MATCHER.

Startup MATCHER virtual matchmaking
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It provides a platform to connect all the relevant stakeholders involved in the funding process of Swiss startups. From the startup itself, to investors, corporates and supporters.

Startups can select which of 5 pre-defined deeptech verticals they belong to, such as how much money they need, and their preferred investor type.

Investors can indicate which type of startup they are looking for, the state of their investments, such as specifying their applying investment conditions.

Corporates can indicate what they are looking for (research partners, products, ...) and what they have to offer the startups (pilot project, buying their products, ...)

Supporters of the Swiss startup environment can specify which kind of service they have to offer.

The b2b matchmaking platform connects the right people and lists who benefits from each other.

Registered participants find suitable partners and contact them directly, such as meet them online via the platforms integrated video conferencing.

Further special features to highlight are:

  • A customized registration process ensuring that group-relevant information are collected
  • The organizers control profile activation to monitor who enters and benefits from the platform
  • Startups can upload pitch decks and other documents including videos
  • Built-in messaging functionality to interact with each other
  • Embedded virtual 1: 1 meeting capabilities including approval system, free scheduling based on peer availability, and built-in video-conferencing system with screen sharing

The virtual b2b matchmaking platform offers an ongoing value for everyone involved in the support and funding of the startup environement in Switzerland, with the possibility to benefit from efficient business matchmaking, and to connect smarter.



Successful Portfolio Expansion

With Startup MATCHER, the organizers expanded their portfolio of three most known startup events in Switzerland with a full-stack, virtual b2b matchmaking platform.

“We were already prepared to go fully virtual, COVID-19 was just the tipping point.” -  Daniel Bermejo-Carrasco (organizer @ Startup INVEST)

Within just two days after the official announcement and Startup MATCHER going online, the platform counted 1,240 registered participants. Out of them were 120 startups, 300 corporates, 370 investors, and 450 support organizations.


Virtual b2b Matchmaking Platform

A virtual business matchmaking platform is a profound alternative to typical networking and b2b events. This sort of platform brings efficient b2b matchmaking to an environment, ongoing project or group of people, in which a continuous demand to network and connect exists.

b2match can advise you on the possibilities of a virtual b2b matchmaking platform, and how you can benefit from it.


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