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Mar 16, 20234 min read

Apps for business networking are designed to help professionals connect and expand their networks. They provide a platform for attendees to connect before, during, and after an event, enabling them to exchange information, establish new relationships, and explore potential business opportunities.

Some business networking apps use advanced algorithms to suggest relevant connections based on participants' interests and preferences, making it easier for networking professionals to find and connect with like-minded individuals. These apps often include features such as personalized profiles, messaging, chat functionality, and the ability to schedule meetings and follow up after the event.

Business networking apps are especially useful for events such as conferences, trade shows, and industry events, where attendees may not know each other but share similar interests and goals. By using event apps for business matchmaking, professionals can expand their network, learn from others in their industry, and establish valuable connections that can lead to new opportunities and partnerships.

In this article, we will suggest how to utilize the b2match b2b event matchmaking app and its features for a memorable business networking experience.

The b2match mobile event networking app

It is hard to stay objective when you know what a great b2b networking app you have. We are very proud of the b2match event matchmaking app that allows you and your event participants to conduct more memorable and valuable networking events.

With this app you can:

  • Go paperless with a rich event agenda
  • Use AI-powered matchmaking
  • Send and receive meeting requests
  • Inform participants about the event
  • Increase brand awareness
  • And many more things...

Go paperless

Why waste so much paper on printing tickets when your participants can easily use their mobile phones for event access? There is also no need for printing an event agenda! Tell your attendees to download our b2match smart networking app and enjoy numerous personalized event materials.

Your attendees will easily access the full event agenda and the personal participant agenda. They can also have a clear overview of sessions and meetings with details about the time and location. Furthermore, simple session management is now available through one tap sign-in and sign-out!

Utilize AI-powered matchmaking

AI-powered event matchmaking is a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to connect people with similar interests, preferences, and behaviors. The basic idea behind AI-powered matchmaking is to use machine learning algorithms to analyze user data and identify patterns that indicate compatibility. For example, an AI-powered matchmaking software will analyze user profiles, behavioral data, and communication patterns to identify users who share similar interests, personalities, and communication styles. This is very useful to ease the matchmaking experience for your participants without wasting time. Our AI-powered profile recommendations make it easier to find the right attendees for even more successful b2b meetings.

Send and receive meeting requests

With the b2match event networking app conducting a meeting has never been easier! Your participants can effortlessly send and receive meeting requests with other attendees with only a few clicks. This real-time messaging and request feature will help them make scheduling easier and also provide a meaningful participant experience after the event has ended because even then the participants can stay in touch and keep their business connections strong.

Keep participants informed

A really useful feature of our b2match app is the ability to inform participants about your events' last-minute updates or to send personalized reminders. We know that business and life plans often change, so to help your attendees keep up to date, use customizable push notifications made for easy and effective informing. You can effortlessly create and instantly send push notifications about anything you want to all of your attendees or segment them and send separate notifications to different participant groups.

Of course, setting up and scheduling the notifications in advance is possible, so use this feature and alleviate the workload on the day of the event!

Increase brand awareness

With customization options and white labeling on the b2match business matchmaking platform, you can easily increase brand awareness. You can make a bigger impact with an event mobile app that is customized to reflect your brand and increase your level of professionalism.

You can make changes like fitting the color of the most prominent elements of the event to your brand visual identity. Purchasing the Advanced Theming package to completely customize the color palette of the event in the app, as well as on the event website makes this business networking experience more memorable and eye-catching.

If you want to have absolute branding, go ahead and order a white-labeled mobile app!

If you want to give your b2b matchmaking event a good uplift, give the b2match mobile event networking app a try! You can not only ease this organizing process for yourself but help your attendees have the most pleasurable and meaningful networking experience that can be monitored in the palm of their hand.

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