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Mastering the Art of Investor Matchmaking: How b2match Supercharges Your Startup Event ROI


Sep 21, 20234 min read

The art of making connections is a cornerstone of success for many startups. In an increasingly connected business world, who you know can often be just as important as what you know. The essence of this concept is deeply ingrained in the heart of b2match, an innovative platform that empowers startups to establish valuable connections at events.

Recently, b2match has redefined event networking, introducing new features that transform the way startups interact with potential investors. From customizable meeting locations to enhanced networking settings, b2match is continuously refining the game, setting a higher standard for business matchmaking tools.

Tailoring meeting spaces to your needs

To promote effective networking, b2match has introduced a new feature that allows organizers to define different meeting locations based on the event location. Whether it's Room A, Area 1, or the Main Hall, organizers now have the freedom to tailor the space to their specific needs.

But the customization doesn't stop there. Within each of these meeting locations, organizers can freely decide the number and name of their meeting points. So, whether you want 134 booths instead of tables as meeting points, b2match has got you covered. The platform can generate the required number of booths, which can then be individually renamed and have participants assigned to each one.

Optimizing meeting blocks and networking settings

The power of these customizable meeting locations becomes evident when they are connected to their respective meeting blocks. In a recent update, b2match now allows organizers to set the time, date, meeting duration, and meeting type of meeting blocks. Each meeting block can be linked to one or more meeting locations, with defined rules regarding who can sign up.

To streamline the networking process, b2match has integrated settings that simplify the entire setup process. Organizers can define booking phases, establish booking rules between participants, set preferred meeting ratings, enable the AI recommender, and specify the number of attendees in the meetings.

In a bid to enhance flexibility, this business matchmaking tool has also added an open virtual networking option. This feature allows attendees to book meetings over a longer time period, unrelated to the traditional meeting blocks, giving attendees more freedom to connect at their own pace.

Empowering startups with AI and flexibility

One of the key features that set the b2match apart is the use of advanced AI for a recommendation. Once you've set your preferences and interests, its AI recommender ensures you're connected with the right people and opportunities. It's about optimizing your time and efforts, ensuring every interaction at your event holds potential value.

This use of AI extends to the meeting booking phase. With an option to set booking rules between participants, you can create an environment that encourages the right kind of interactions. For instance, you might allow only startups to send meeting requests to investors, helping to streamline the process and increase the chance of successful matchmaking.

Moreover, the open virtual networking option gives attendees the flexibility they need in today's fast-paced world. Whether they are across the globe or just across the room, participants can connect and collaborate without restrictions. This flexibility allows attendees to set their own pace, ensuring they're comfortable and engaged throughout the event.

Enhancing user experience and maximizing productivity

The new updates to b2match also extend to the user interface. The newly upgraded video meeting tool, equipped with a floating meeting widget, enables participants to continue their meetings while also navigating through other parts of the platform. Whether they're checking updates, reviewing session details, or browsing participant profiles, they don't need to pause their current interaction.

This unique feature maximizes productivity by ensuring participants can multitask efficiently. It not only increases the user's activity on the platform but also enhances their overall experience. The tool makes it easy for attendees to stay engaged, keeping them invested in the event for longer periods.

A game-changer in investor matchmaking

By constantly innovating and introducing new features, the b2match has set a high standard in the business matchmaking industry. It's not just about introducing startups to investors; it's about creating a conducive environment that fosters meaningful connections. From customizable meeting locations to advanced networking settings, the b2match ensures every interaction holds growth potential.

B2match is transforming the way startups connect with potential investors. The platform is not just about making investor matchmaking easier; it's about revolutionizing the process. With its advanced features and an unwavering commitment to user experience, the b2match is set to continue its lead in the industry, driving event ROI for startups and fostering the connections that lead to success.

Elevating the Networking Experience

All these advanced features are designed to guarantee a smooth networking experience. But what happens once the matchmaking starts? The b2match ensures that user experience doesn't falter at this crucial stage, which is why the integrated online video meeting tool has also been upgraded.

With the new floating meeting widget, participants can stay in the meeting while navigating other parts of the platform. This feature enables participants to access information and engage in other activities without leaving the meeting, thereby enhancing their overall experience and productivity.

With these upgrades, our software is reinforcing its position as a leading business matchmaking tool. The platform is not just making investor matchmaking easier; it's revolutionizing it. By providing a more flexible, personalized, and immersive networking experience, b2match is empowering startups to supercharge their event ROI, making meaningful connections that could be the catalyst for their next level of growth. It's not just about meeting investors; it's about building lasting relationships that drive success.

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