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Ideas How to Simplify Matchmaking and Staffing at Your Events


    Feb 27, 20233 min read

    Planning and organizing a b2b matchmaking event can be quite stressful and challenging, especially if it is your first time. Whether you are planning a small industry gathering or a huge networking conference, there are many small things that can gatekeep your success.

    Networking is not only a great opportunity for your participants to meet other attendees with whom they share common interests, but also an effective way to do staffing! However, although sometimes b2b matchmaking event planning can be challenging, we believe that it should be worthwhile and exciting.

    In this concise article, we are bringing you ideas that will help you simplify b2b networking and staffing.

    Use a mobile event networking app

    Nowadays, everyone is using mobile apps. The reason for that is quite simple - it is always available for you to use with only a few clicks, making finishing any task that much easier.

    b2match provides a b2b event matchmaking app that creates the best networking experience. With this app, you can go paperless with a powerful event agenda that is personalized for each participant. At the same time, you are thinking about sustainability (printouts are a thing of the past!) and giving your participants all the information they need in the palm of their hands.

    Inside the app, you can manage a full participant list that includes AI-powered profile recommendations, which is usable before and during the event. It will help your attendees create meaningful connections and maybe even encourage them to schedule a meeting. Networking meetings can then be flexibly managed by allowing participants to effortlessly send and receive meeting requests through the app.

    Furthermore, attendees don’t have to worry about finding a way to connect with other participants in a real-time. With our smart built-in messaging feature, engaging in meaningful conversations has never been easier!

    The app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, check it out and see for yourself many more networking event features!

    Try an event management platform

    Ease your way out of stressful planning with an all-in-one smart event networking tool. With its many features that include tools for managing staffing, it can help you streamline the process of finding and assigning staff for your event.

    Whether you are planning an in-person, a hybrid, or a virtual event, the most important thing to remember when planning a matchmaking event is to pick a high-quality event networking platform that gives you the opportunity to organize the event from the start to finish.

    The b2match event matchmaking software empowers your participant’s connections by generating value-adding meetings. It turns your events into marketplaces where every attendee can share and exchange their ideas, product, and services. It is designed for goal-oriented networking so it can help you to fulfill your business objectives and KPIs.

    With its features covering the entire event and community workflow, b2match is the best b2b matchmaking software on the market! Use our website builder and agenda, try easy registration and invitation management, and don’t worry about ticketing and payment processing. It is also an amazing platform that enables you to collect networking event data, which is then analyzed and shown in concise reports.

    It takes a village

    You don't have to be on your own when planning a networking event. Right from the beginning, when using the b2match platform, an experienced customer success manager will be assigned to you. Their job is to guide and support you all the what through your setup process and to help you feel confident and ready to host your in-person event with ease. You will have access to tips and tricks on how to maximize the event networking platform, and be able to learn top-notch event organization practices. And don’t worry - before everything is ready to go live, you will get a final quality control check.

    These were some of the tips on how to successfully simplify matchmaking and staffing at your events. If you are enrolling on a networking planning journey, go ahead and read our other event networking and b2b matchmaking blogs and learn more about b2match b2b event networking software.

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