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How to Increase Business Success at Your B2B Matchmaking Event


Mar 15, 20234 min read

B2B (business-to-business) networking events are a powerful tool for companies and business individuals to expand their network and increase their business success. These events can easily bring together businesses in a predetermined industry to meet, and form, new meaningful connections. Organizing such events can sometimes be challenging, and if doing so without a good plan and a bit of help, many things could go wrong.

The b2match b2b matchmaking platform helps ease the way for event organizers to create meaningful and profitable networking events. Here are some basic tips on how to achieve that and increase business success at your b2b matchmaking event.

Set your business goals

Even before you start to plan and organize your networking event, you have to know what is the purpose of doing so. Knowing your business goals will not only help you organize better and more meaningful events for your company but also help you achieve them faster. When you define what you want to achieve from your event it will be easier to identify the right participants and create a memorable agenda with engaging speakers.

Setting a clear business goal will also aid you to choose between organizing an in-person, a hybrid, or a virtual event, and of course, positioning your matchmaking event to the right audience that will align with your business objectives.

Provide a user-friendly b2b matchmaking platform

It would be a shame if you decided to organize a matchmaking event without providing a useful b2b event networking platform for our attendees. The b2match event management software helps your participants start with a match and finish with meaningful partnerships and collaborations!

This easy-to-use platform can help you organize memorable events, whether you would like them to be in-person, virtual, or combined (hybrid). To help you with that, the b2match software has been designed specifically for goal-oriented networking with features covering the entire event and community workflow with ease.

With its numerous features, b2match can uplift any kind of event, making you positively last longer in the minds of your participants. With over 100 customization options, we help you create matchmaking events that match your needs. You can manage ticketing, tailor the registration process and effortlessly brand your event - from colors and fonts to logos and many more.

Use a mobile event networking app

There are many reasons why people like to use mobile apps. The main reason is quite simple - it is always available for you to use with only a few clicks, making it easy to use and fun at the same time.

With b2match, you also get a b2b event networking app that creates the best networking experience. With this app, you can go paperless with a digital event agenda that is personalized for each participant. Participants can manage thei Of course, networking meetings can then be flexibly changed by providing participants with the option to send and receive meeting requests through the app.

Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy effortless networking event organizing, the app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so check it out and see for yourself many more networking event features!

Help your participants keep up

If you want your event to go on successfully (and with it your business), remember that actively reminding your attendees of your event and its news/updates is key! Of course, doing so manually can be quite challenging, but the b2match smart networking tool has a solution for you! Communicating about the event with your attendees can easily be made via automatized communication channels.

You can easily reach, remind, and engage your audience with the b2match b2b matchmaking tool. On it, you can also automatically notify your participants of registrations and conversations. Of course, sending automatic meeting reminders is possible via SMS, emails, and push notifications.

Don’t forget to analyze!

Most matchmaking organizations would be useless for your business growth if it weren't for analytics.

Collecting and analyzing useful event data that is provided in the software will help you write business reports and determine whether your goals and objectives are met. This can easily be done with a little bit of our b2match smart algorithms, which collect all of your attendee's clickstream data that can give you valuable business insights.

Analytics is also a great way to show your company that investing in meaningful networking b2b events can be a great way to increase business success.

By following these easy steps, and incorporating them into your next b2b matchmaking event, we are sure you will increase your business's success with ease. With the b2match event matchmaking software you can create and personalize numerous events that will help you and your attendees have the most memorable and meaningful event ever.

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