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How to Create a Killer Virtual Hiring Event Registration Page


    Dec 15, 20225 min read

    Consider the following scenario: You are a job seeker who learns about a virtual hiring event at a respectable company. That is ideal since you may interact virtually with recruiters, have your resume noticed, and possibly land an interview with a recruiting manager. You visit the registration page to learn more about the event, such as where to sign up. But instead of finding what you're looking for, you must click endlessly in search of registration information. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

    To make it easier for participants to register for the event, it is important to know how to make a streamlined registration page. But, before we get into some virtual hiring event ideas for registration pages, let us explain what a virtual hiring event registration page is.

    What is a virtual hiring event registration page?

    A virtual hiring event registration page, also known as a landing page, is a standalone page where candidates may learn more about the event and register to attend. The landing page for a virtual hiring event should be enticing, clear, and informative. The registration page should include important information about the event, personalized branding, and a sign-up form. Candidates can connect with the company through the registration page before contacting recruiters or hiring managers, employers can gather essential attendee data so they can learn more about attendees and follow up easily, and candidates can know when, where, and how to sign up and attend.

    Now you are probably wondering: "how do I create a landing page for a virtual hiring event?" Don't worry! This step-by-step virtual hiring event guide will teach you how to create a registration page for a virtual hiring event or virtual career fair that will guarantee the success of your event.

    1. Include essential information

    Depending on the virtual hiring event solutions you’re using, the features and information you may include may differ. Nevertheless, every hiring event registration page should include logistical information, such as the name of the hiring event, date, duration, time zone, the primary purpose of the event, and names of sponsors, speakers, and presenters. Mind where the applicant enters contact information, where the employer will post employee endorsements, where the business discusses environment and employee benefits, and where to post job-specific videos.

    To provide a brief overview of the job opportunities available, use bullet points or a short paragraph to give potential candidates a sense of what types of jobs are available and what they might expect from the hiring process. All this information helps candidates know what to expect, but make sure that the page doesn’t solely flow from the candidate’s perspective. Talent acquisition professionals must also review the technical flow of the landing pages, such as load times. Although landing pages should be detailed, they shouldn't detain a job seeker for longer than is essential.

    2. Use a modern design

    The importance of event landing page design cannot be overstated. A well-designed page can help users form a favorable opinion of your company. It may even affect whether a visitor closes the page or stays on it to learn more about your event. To ensure that your layout catches people's attention and compels them to show up, be straightforward and avoid clogging up the page with excessive graphics and illegible design components. Don't forget to optimize your page for mobile devices. Make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly because half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

    b2match virtual hiring event software allows you to quickly develop a captivating event landing page with editable content to serve as the ideal meeting spot for attendees. To accurately reflect your company, you may change the landing page's color scheme and add appealing material to pique interest. b2match virtual hiring event platform makes it easier to communicate with people from all over the world by allowing organizers to customize the registration page in several different languages. To ensure that every participant gets the same experience, b2match offers you to create an optimized, mobile-friendly version of your landing page.

    3. Make an enticing offer

    Even though your online hiring event is free, you are still asking candidates to sacrifice a precious resource: their time. That is why it is vital to create a compelling, valuable offer to encourage candidates to register. Why should people attend your hiring expo? What are they likely to acquire? The demands of the candidates should be the main focus of an excellent registration website. Your website visitors want to know what's in it for them. Ensure that you provide a thoughtful response to that question. Before registering, applicants want to know who they will be meeting, why the hiring company is a fantastic place to work, and whether they will have the chance to meet recruiting managers.

    4. Showcase your recruiters

    The recruitment team is the main selling point of a virtual hiring event or career fair. Candidates want to be sure that the people they meet with can provide information about the organization and assist them in finding employment. That means credentials matter. Showcase the hiring managers and recruiters who will attend the event on the registration page and include their name, photo, and current job title.

    5. Simplify the Registration Process

    The registration page is a fantastic spot to gather relevant data about your attendees to help you plan your event better. The event registration form should collect various types of data, depending on the objectives of the event. The platform you use for processing registrations and your marketing tactics will also enhance guests' experiences and help your event succeed. Provide a simple form that only asks for essential information, such as a candidate's name, contact information, and resumes. You run the chance of deterring users from completing registration by overloading them with questions. If possible, try to keep the number of questions to 10.

    By utilizing a virtual hiring event platform like b2match, you have the power. What information users provide upon registration and how their profiles will look is up to you. With b2match, you can customize the registration form according to the participant group, create different ticket types, and specify promotional codes to draw in additional participants. b2match allows you to restrict the number of attendees who can register for the entire event or specific sessions if your event has venue size restrictions.

    The first step in organizing a successful virtual recruitment event is creating an effective registration page. They act as an effective marketing tool that distinguishes your business from the competition.

    However, you still need to persuade applicants that attending your event is worthwhile. A well-thought-out landing page is an ideal tool for accomplishing that. The good news is that the b2match all-in-one event management software has all the capabilities you need to ensure your registration page draws in the top applicants from around the globe.

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