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How to Attract Talent to Your Virtual or Hybrid Career Fair


Dec 15, 20224 min read

It can be challenging to stand out at a career fair, whether you work for a small business or a large corporation, and even more so if you operate in a virtual setting. In response to the pandemic, businesses have had to get creative in their efforts to attract qualified candidates, which is why virtual career fairs have become more popular than ever. As a leading virtual career fair solution, b2match career fair event management software is aware of the requirements for businesses to stand out at online events and expand their talent pool.

Here are some of our best tips for getting the attention of the most significant job candidates.

Promote your virtual career fair well in advance

A well-constructed promotion plan is one of the most essential points in your organization process. Before you start any promotional campaign for your event, you should put your event website to work by listing interesting participant profiles and marketplace entries. b2match online and hybrid recruitment software allows you to create and customize your event page by implementing relevant information, videos, images, and other media to make your event stand out.

It is advisable that you promote your virtual career fair by utilizing social media sites, PR channels, and cooperative advertising with other companies. Try implementing integrated marketing campaigns and a variety of marketing platforms to promote your job fair to reach as many individuals as possible. Even if you have access to a variety of digital marketing platforms, you should think about using email marketing because it is still the most effective way to connect with clients who are already interested in your business. On our blog, you can find some of the best event email marketing tips and ideas to boost your event promotion and ensure a higher number of registrations.

Offer engaging activities

Hosting a talent matchmaking event doesn’t have to be boring or joyless. For some job seekers, attending a career fair can be nerve-wracking and intimidating since they engage with potential recruiters. It is a great idea to offer a mix of engaging activities, such as workshops and roundtables.

To make your event stand out, you can implement gamification features like Kahoot quizzes or scavenger hunts. It eases the pressure and creates a casual, enjoyable environment for people to get to know one another better. Overall, it makes the whole experience more human and helps in attendee engagement.

Design an eye-catching virtual company booth or profile

Virtual career fairs function much like traditional ones, with booths or specialized single-company profiles for job seekers to obtain information, speak with recruiters and employees, and network with other applicants. Depending on the virtual career fair platform you're utilizing, and, to some extent, the types of careers being represented, the features of your booths will change. Colorful and branded pages are more likely to catch people's attention.

For that purpose, the b2match virtual career fair software allows you to customize the entire profile of your company, including branded colors and headers, with different kinds of media content you can add. Additionally, b2match offers you to upload content like videos, info packages, virtual tours, live streams of guest speakers, and meeting rooms for in-depth interviews.

Focus on high-quality event networking

Networking is one of the main reasons students attend a career fair, but sometimes the process itself can be challenging. This is where the use of a matchmaking platform for talent can encourage engagement and ease the process of finding the perfect match.

The b2match all-in-one event management software uses AI-powered matchmaking to ensure that each participant's needs are met and that they connect with the appropriate participants. This artificial intelligence event matching technology improves match quality and user engagement. Companies and applicants can connect or arrange any kind of in-person, hybrid, or virtual B2B meetings using the search feature and filters. Participants can also use the advanced search feature and filters to connect or schedule in-depth meetings.

Entice engagement before the event starts

A virtual communication tool such as chat can increase online event engagement throughout the entire event. Attendees can introduce themselves and begin networking before the event even starts. With a chat platform, the organizer has more influence over the direction of the discourse. Participants can easily engage in meaningful conversations thanks to the built-in chat feature of the b2match online career fair platform.

While finding talent and making yourself stand out may seem difficult at a virtual job fair, if you put your best foot forward, you will discover that you have a multitude of opportunities to fill positions and increase employer brand awareness. Making your virtual or hybrid career fair as engaging, educational, and user-friendly as possible may help you draw in the best candidates. This will boost the chances that potential employees will have a great experience and consider working for your business.

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