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Conference Sponsorship Ideas: How to Prove ROI to Sponsors?


    May 10, 20235 min read

    If you're organizing a conference, you know how important sponsorship is to the success of your event. Without it, it can be challenging to secure funding for important aspects of the event. That's why it's so important to provide your sponsors with a clear return on investment to keep them coming back year after year. In this article, we'll share six practical ideas you can use to prove to your sponsors that you have ROI and build long-term relationships that benefit everyone involved. So let's dive in!

    Provide attendee data:

    One of the most important metrics for sponsors is the number of attendees at your conference. By sharing data about the demographics of your attendees, including their job titles, industries, and locations, sponsors will gain a clearer understanding of the potential audience size for their brand. Sharing attendee engagement data, such as session attendance and survey responses, could also help demonstrate the value of sponsorship.

    Sharing attendee data with sponsors not only helps them understand the potential reach of their brand but should also help with future audience targeting. By analyzing attendee demographics and behaviors, sponsors can tailor their messages and offer to better engage their target audience. This will lead to stronger brand loyalty, customer acquisition, and ultimately a higher return on investment for the sponsor.

    The b2match event networking software provides you with the tools to gain deeper insights into the success of your event. Its reporting and analytics features allow you to analyze data in real-time, giving you valuable insights into registration trends, meeting efficiency, and overall event performance. With this software, you can obtain comprehensive statistics about registrations, including the number of on-site and remote participants, as well as the number of registrations for specific sessions, among other metrics.

    Offer sponsorship packages:

    Sponsors want to know what they're getting for their investment. By offering sponsorship packages that include certain benefits, such as logo placement, exhibit space and speaking opportunities, you should help sponsors understand the value of their investment. Be sure to offer options at different price points to accommodate a range of budgets and goals.

    Offering sponsorship packages not only helps sponsors understand what they're getting for their investment but should also help streamline the sponsorship solicitation process. By providing clear options and benefits, sponsors will quickly assess whether a package aligns with their goals and budget. This also allows organizers to better manage sponsor relationships and ensure sponsors receive the benefits promised, ultimately leading to greater trust in the event.

    With the cutting-edge b2match business matchmaking platform, you can give your sponsors the attention they deserve. This revolutionary software enables you to create a dedicated sponsor page that puts your sponsors in the spotlight. This page is specifically designed to boost brand visibility and demonstrate the crucial role your sponsors play in the success of your event. And with customizable categories for platinum, gold, and silver sponsorship packages, you can tailor your offerings to meet the needs of sponsors and attendees alike.

    Leverage social media:

    Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your conference and your sponsors. By creating social media campaigns that highlight your sponsors' brands and products, you will increase their visibility and reach. Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media using specific hashtags that include your sponsor's brand name.

    Leveraging social media not only promotes sponsors but also provides valuable data to demonstrate the value of their investment. By analyzing social media metrics such as impressions, engagement and click-through rates, you can show sponsors the reach and impact of their brand on social media during the event. This will help justify the investment in sponsorship and demonstrate the tangible value of their involvement.

    Track metrics:

    To prove the value of your sponsors' investment, you need to track relevant metrics. These may include website traffic, social media engagement, or lead generation. Make sure you share these metrics with your sponsors, along with an analysis of what they mean for ROI.

    Tracking metrics not only helps demonstrate the value of sponsorship, but also provides valuable insights for future event planning and sponsorship promotion. By analyzing which metrics are most relevant to sponsors and which strategies are most effective in driving engagement and ROI, event organizers can refine their sponsorship packages and create more targeted marketing campaigns.

    Offer on-site advertising:

    In addition to social media advertising, you should also offer on-site advertising for your sponsors. This could include signage, branded merchandise or sponsored refreshment breaks. By giving sponsors a physical presence at your event, you will increase their brand awareness and visibility.

    On-site promotion also allows sponsors to interact with attendees and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. This should help increase brand awareness, build contacts and ultimately increase sponsor sales. In addition, on-site advertising can help create a positive association between the sponsor and the event, ultimately leading to increased support and loyalty in the future.


    After the event, contact sponsors to provide a summary of the event and its impact. Share any additional metrics or feedback you received and ask for their opinions and feedback. This helps build a strong relationship with sponsors and provides an opportunity to refine your sponsorship packages for future events.

    Following up with sponsors after the event also provides an opportunity to thank them and emphasize the value of their investment. This will help create a positive experience for sponsors and increase the likelihood of continued support for future events. In addition, gathering feedback and insights from sponsors will help organizers improve the overall sponsorship experience and ensure that sponsors receive the benefits and attention promised to them.

    Building strong relationships with sponsors is critical to the success of any conference or event. By providing sponsors with tangible proof of ROI, you should demonstrate the value of their investment and build trust in your event. This can lead to continued sponsor support, which can help you continue to improve and grow your event over time.

    Using an event networking platform like b2match will streamline the sponsor search process, increase sponsor engagement, and ultimately lead to more successful sponsorship for your conference.

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