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Best Practices for Virtual Hiring Event Landing Pages


Nov 14, 20224 min read

As many businesses struggle with hiring difficulties, it is becoming evident that they must audit their hiring practices to ensure they are efficient and effective in attracting competent employees. A company's landing page for hiring events is a crucial factor to consider, as it can help attract qualified leads and prospects that convert. Before even considering attending your virtual hiring event, people shouldn't be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by your event page.

But aside from social media and advertising initiatives, how else can you promote an event online? Naturally, with an effective event landing page! A virtual hiring event software can make that happen for you.

What is a virtual hiring event?

Before we go further into the topic, let us explain what exactly is a virtual hiring event. A virtual hiring event gives you the same opportunity to interview several candidates as an in-person hiring event, but without the limitations of a physical location. You can do virtual interviews over the phone or via video conference and choose the method best for you and your applicants.

But how can you attract competent applicants? The key is an attractive event landing page.

What is an event landing page?

An event landing page is a page created to boost brand awareness and entice guests to register for your virtual event. In a nutshell, it's a page created to give potential attendees of your event all the specific information they require to decide whether to register for it. Users "land" on the event landing page when they click on a contextual banner, or targeted ads on Facebook, email newsletters, Google search ads, or other digital venues. Each of these "landings" is a component of an advertising campaign that targets a particular demographic.

What should talent acquisition professionals do to ensure talent acquisition on their landing pages? For advice on creating breathtaking event landing pages, keep on reading.

1. Use a modern, fresh design

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of event landing page design. Visitors can acquire a positive impression of your brand through a well-designed page. It can even influence whether a visitor stays on your page to read more about your event or closes the page. To ensure that your layout grabs people's attention and compels them to show up, be straightforward and avoid clogging up the page with excessive graphics and illegible design components.

With the help of the b2match hiring event platform, you can quickly develop a captivating event landing page with editable content to serve as the ideal meeting spot for attendees. Using this virtual hiring event software, you can add compelling content to spark interest and alter the landing page's color scheme to truly describe your business. By offering the option to configure the page in several languages, b2match makes it easier to connect with people from all around the world. You may design an optimized, mobile-friendly version of your landing page using b2match to guarantee that every participant has the same experience.

2. Provide all necessary information

A landing page should not be considered to be just a landing page. Consider it a microsite that emphasizes a more comprehensive look at the business with a lovely, captivating design rather than a straightforward form to fill out for further information. Pay close attention to how the landing page flows. Make sure the page doesn't solely flow from the candidate's perspective. Talent acquisition professionals must also review the technical flow of the landing pages, such as load times. Although landing pages should be detailed, they shouldn't detain a job seeker for longer than is essential. Therefore, recruiters should limit the required number of steps to two to three when optimizing landing sites.

The most crucial details on your landing page should include the event's time, date, and location, the primary purpose and the justification for attendees, names of sponsors, speakers, and presenters, quotes and video testimonies from past attendees, and finally, live chat support if necessary.

3. Dynamic registration page

The registration page is a fantastic spot to gather relevant data to help you plan your event better. That’s why it's important to know how to create a striking virtual hiring event registration page. Every event has varied objectives therefore, each event registration form should collect various types of data. The platform you use for registration processing, and your advertising strategies will also improve the experience of your attendees and contribute to the success of your event. Your form should be brief. By overwhelming users with questions, you run the risk of preventing them from finishing the registration. If at all feasible, limit the number of questions to no more than 10, or even less if possible.

With the b2match virtual hiring event platform, you have the power. You decide what data participants supply during registration and how their profiles will appear. With b2match, you can customize the registration form according to the participant group, create different ticket types, and specify promotional codes to draw in additional participants.

b2match gives you the ability to restrict the number of attendees who can register for the entire event or specific sessions if your event has venue size restrictions or if you simply want your event to be more exclusive. The early bird gets the worm!

Event landing pages are fruitful marketing tools that help your event shine. The best part is that participants only require a computer and an internet connection, while event marketers manage the virtual event networking. However, you still need to persuade them that coming to your event is worthwhile. A well-thought-out landing page is an ideal tool for accomplishing that.

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