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Best Event Management Software Picks in 2023


Apr 5, 20234 min read

Organizing and managing events in today's fast-paced world can be a daunting task, especially if you're handling multiple events at the same time. From ticket sales and attendee registration to scheduling and logistics, event managers must keep track of every aspect of an event.

Fortunately, event networking technology is continuously evolving, and the way we organize and manage events has changed dramatically. With technological advancements, event management software has become more sophisticated and user-friendly, making it easier for event planners to manage their events smoothly. In this article, we will highlight the best event management software picks for 2023 that will assist you in effectively and efficiently managing your events. Whether you're planning a small business meeting or a large-scale music festival, these software options will make your event a success.


This all-in-one smart networking event software is without a doubt our number-one pick! b2match is a great event management software because it provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for organizing and managing b2b matchmaking events.

One of the key benefits of b2match is that it allows event organizers to easily create a customized event website with features such as built-in event registration, participant profiles, and scheduling tools.

Another great feature of b2match is its intelligent matchmaking algorithm, which matches participants based on their interests and preferences, thus increasing the chances of finding the right business partner, client, or industry connection. Additionally, b2match offers an user-friendly interface for managing meeting schedules, including options for scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling meetings, as well as automatic reminders for upcoming meetings. With these features, there is no way you could be late again or miss any of your matchmaking meetings.

b2match also offers data collection, reporting, and analytics tools that allow you to track event metrics such as attendance, participant feedback, and meeting success rates. Furthermore, b2match can be integrated with other popular event management tools, such as Salesforce, making it easy to manage your event data in one centralized location. The best thing about b2match is that it has a free demo version that you can try out beforehand!


  • AI-powered
  • User friendly
  • Easy reporting tools
  • Multiple integrations
  • Mobile app


Cvent is a cloud-based event management software that provides a comprehensive platform for event planners to manage all aspects of their events, from registration and marketing to logistics and attendee engagement.

One of the key features of Cvent is its registration and ticketing tools, which allow you to create customized event websites with easy-to-use registration forms, payment processing, and attendee management tools. In addition to its registration and other marketing tools, Cvent offers a range of event management features, including session and agenda management, exhibitor and sponsor management, and speaker and presenter management.

Cvent is also known for its industry-leading onsite event management tools, which allow event organizers to manage check-in and registration, print badges, and track attendance in real time. Cvent's mobile event app allows attendees to access event information, network with other attendees, and participate in interactive sessions and surveys.


  • Interactive surveys
  • Easy registration
  • Presenter management


Hubilo is similarly to Cvent a cloud-based event management software that provides a range of tools and features to help event organizers plan and execute successful events.

Hubilo's platform includes features such as event registration, ticketing, networking, and marketing, all designed to enhance the attendee experience and maximize event ROI. Its event registration and ticketing tools allow event organizers to create customized registration forms, process payments and manage attendee data.

Hubilo also offers a variety of networking tools, including AI-powered matchmaking and 1:1 video meetings, to help attendees connect with one another and form meaningful relationships. Additionally, Hubilo's marketing tools, such as email campaigns, social media promotion, and personalized event websites, help event organizers drive attendance and engagement.


  • Customized registration forms
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Social media promotion
  • AI-powered


Last, but not least, one of our picks for the best event management software in 2023 is Attendify. One of Attendify's key features is mainly a mobile event app, which allows attendees to access event information, connect with other attendees, participate in live polls and surveys, and engage with event sponsors and exhibitors. The mobile event app is fully customizable, allowing event organizers to brand the app and tailor it to the specific needs of their event.

Just like the other matchmaking software, Attendify also offers robust reporting and analytics tools, allowing event organizers to track participation, engagement, and other key metrics to measure the success of their event.

It integrates with other popular event management and marketing tools, such as Eventbrite and Marketo, making it easy for event organizers to manage their data and workflows in a centralized location.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Live polls
  • Robust reporting
  • Useful integrations

We hope this top 2023 picks for the best event management software gave you an idea of which one could be your perfect fit. We believe that every great networking organizer uses a b2b matchmaking platform to help them provide their attendees with the best matchmaking experience possible!

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