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Product Update

Enhanced Marketplace Management for Powerful B2B Events

Aug 3, 20232 min read

We are excited to share with you our latest product update in b2match next, the latest version of our event networking software. This update brings exciting new features that grant event organizers more control and visibility over all created marketplace opportunities in the admin interface.

With this release, we aim to enhance the event organizing experience and help you save time and resources with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to manage the entire marketplace. Read on to find out how.

Clear Overview of Marketplace Opportunities in Admin

Prior to this update, event organizers could only access marketplace opportunities through participant or company profiles. Now, with the introduction of the "Marketplace" section in the admin panel, organizers can easily view all the created marketplace opportunities for their events in one centralized location.

This structured view ensures that organizers can effortlessly manage their entire event's or community marketplace without navigating through individual profiles, saving valuable time and effort.

Marketplace in b2match adminMarketplace in b2match admin
Image: Marketplace section in admin with filtering options.

Advanced Filtering Options

This update includes various filtering options within the "Marketplace" section in admin. Event organizers can now filter opportunities based on their status, such as "visible", "pending" or "hidden." This functionality enables organizers to have full control over created marketplace opportunities. For example, if you have enabled manual marketplace validation on your event, you can now simply filter the marketplace and easily validate and publish opportunities which are waiting on your approval.

Furthermore, organizers can filter opportunities based on their types, such as "project cooperation," "product," "service," or any other custom marketplace opportunity type. This feature helps organizers categorize and organize opportunities effectively, streamlining the search for specific items.

Efficient Search and Editing

Our marketplace list update facilitates effortless search and editing of marketplace opportunities. The platform allows organizers to search for specific opportunities, making it easy to locate and manage individual listings. Once identified, organizers can click on an opportunity to open a sidebar that offers a range of editing options.

With the new sidebar interface, event organizers can seamlessly update an opportunity, including the title, short description, full description, visibility settings, images, files, and more.

Marketplace opportunity sidebar openedMarketplace opportunity sidebar opened
Image: Marketplace opportunity sidebar showing editing options.

Easy to Manage & User-Friendly

In conclusion, this update empowers you with an easy-to-manage, and user-friendly platform feature that helps you oversee and optimize your event's marketplace opportunities.

With the new "Marketplace" section in the admin interface, advanced filtering options, efficient search and editing capabilities, shareable links, and opportunity reordering, organizers now have the tools they need to curate a dynamic and impactful marketplace.

At b2match, we are committed to continuously enhancing our event networking platform, and b2match next represents a significant step forward in empowering our clients. We look forward to seeing our event organizers leverage these new features to create engaging and productive networking experiences for their participants.

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