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Enhanced Information Flow with In-App Notifications

May 14, 20241 min read

Struggling to ensure your participants never miss a beat with event updates? Our latest feature, In-App Notifications, is here to help!

These notifications deliver timely and interactive alerts right to your participants' fingertips, enhancing their event experience like never before!

Stay in the Know Wherever You Are

Previously, important notifications were delivered to participants' lock screens, notification center, and as banners, depending on their mobile phone settings.

Building upon this foundation, we're thrilled to introduce In-App Notifications, ensuring that essential updates are now accessible within the app itself. No more missed messages or overlooked alerts – allow participants to stay informed and engaged effortlessly, wherever they are!

Image: Banner Notifications vs In-App Notifications.

Timely and Interactive Notifications

Our In-App Notifications cover a range of essential updates, including new messages, meeting requests, session alerts, announcements, and others. These notifications are not only time-sensitive but also interactive, appearing prominently at the top of your screen.

With just a tap, your participants will be swiftly redirected to the necessary screen, enabling them to take immediate action without missing a beat.

In App Notification Popup.gifIn App Notification Popup.gif
Interactive In-App Notification.

Empowering Participants' Event Journey

Imagine the convenience of receiving a notification for a new meeting request while scrolling through the event app and being able to respond instantly, or effortlessly accessing session reminders with a single tap.

With our In-App Notifications, we're empowering your participants to stay connected and informed throughout their event journey, ensuring that every moment is optimized for success.

Experience the difference by updating the b2match mobile event app to the latest version. With our new In-App Notifications, your participants will enjoy enhanced visibility, interactivity, and convenience, ensuring that they never miss a crucial update or opportunity again.

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