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Product Update

Supercharge Your Communication Strategy with Announcements

Feb 6, 20241 min read

Every event organizer understands the effort of planning and getting every detail just right. But sometimes, things don't go as planned.

Don't worry! With our new Announcements feature, you can easily create custom notifications to share event updates like never before. Now, your participants will always be in the know!

Beyond Push Notifications

We've transformed the game. Unlike the old "Push Notifications," which were used only to send notifications to our mobile users, our upgraded feature ensures that your announcements reach participants, whether they access the web platform or the mobile event app!

Announcements will now pop up in the notification dropdown (the bell icon) in both the web and mobile apps. Mobile users even receive a push notification – if they've given the green light in their phone settings. Now, no one misses out on important updates.

Image: Announcements shown in the web app and the mobile event app.

Tailored Communication

So, organizers, take control! Create custom announcements with captivating titles and descriptions with ease, send them immediately, or schedule for later.

But the customization doesn’t just stop there. You can also choose which participants will receive your announcement. Choose to send to all participants or target specific participants using filters from the powerful "Advanced Search" feature.

admin.b2match 76.pngadmin.b2match 76.png
Image: Creating custom announcements in the Organizer's Tool.

Simplified Navigation

We’ve also made some changes in the Organizer’s tool to make it easier for you. We’ve unified all communication canals into one drop-down called “Communications.” Inside, we’ve renamed the “Messages” feature, which contained Emails and Notifications, to “Emails” for clarity. You can find the “Announcements” feature nestled under the “Communications” drop-down.

Frame 19920.pngFrame 19920.png
Image: New "Communications" drop-down in the main navigation on the admin app.

Give the feature a spin and boost the event experience for your participants.

We're excited to receive your feedback and see the amazing events you'll create with these powerful features directly at your fingertips.

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