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Smart Building Levante 2022 - Virtual Brokerage Event


On-line, 20-30 June 2022, Italy



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About this event

Smart Building Levante is the reference show about construction and territorial technological innovation for southern Italian regions. The 2022 edition wants to consolidate existing partnerships and further engage the area and professionals, by encouraging reflection about the relationship between technology and places and looking for targeted answers to specific problems, in the belief that a show should be an opportunity for business and for cultural growth, too. Smart Building Levante is the child of the numerous activities that take place across Italy with the Smart Building Italia brand. More than others, Smart Building Levante has the trademark of technological innovation and can represent the whole sector of home and building automation and system integration. Digital technologies have dismantled all the barriers between old and new specializations. Now they require a holistic approach and engineers that can understand the momentous change and pool their skills. The value of systems in a new building is almost 50% of the full structure cost. 33% of construction professionals are now building services engineers. In 2018, the smart building and smart home markets in Italy were worth about Euro 4 billion, with an estimated annual growth of 20% for the three following years. Those are the numbers of a phenomenon that has transformed both construction and its asset management in a few years. That is the industry Smart Building Levante wants to provide a market for.

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ENEA-EEN Campania/Puglia