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MAGIA2Market is the gateway to US, China and Japan markets for innovative European MedTech SMEs. Our objective is building and reinforcing knowledge networks between Europe and USA, China and Japan, and provide soft landings services and international opportunities to Medtech SMEs. This matchmaking platform has been set up to allow you to network with potential partners and key counterparts in the following target countries: USA, China & Japan. This platform will be kept open until February, 2023. Main goals EXPLORE the market-entry opportunities the MAGIA2Market Alliance has to offer to your company PREPARE to enter the target markets with the support of the Alliance CONNECT with our local partners for a successful market-entry By using this platform, the Alliance aims at fostering interaction between industrial, academic players and other contributors. What are the benefits of this platform ? Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to all participants Initiate and arrange promising 1:1 online meetings Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts We invite you from now on to take an active part on this platform to find a potential partner to discuss with and laying the groundwork for potential cooperation, both in terms of business agreements but also co-development or research collaboration. The entire MAGIA2Market team is of course at your service to support you in the search and identification of potential partner(s) and to select the most realistic and impactful initiatives. Please take 2 minutes to read the "How it works" section and complete your profile thoroughly. Otherwise the platform will not be successfull.

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