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Eureka Resilience Call 2024


Jun 12 - Oct 31, 2024




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About this event

A Eureka call for projects in the field of disaster resilience, response and recovery. THE CALL CLOSES ON 31 OCTOBER 2024 (17:00 BELGIUM TIME) The national funding bodies from Austria, Belgium (Flanders & Wallonia), Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Türkiye, United Kingdom have allocated funding for organisations collaborating on international R&D projects in the field(s) of disaster resilience, response and recovery. You can submit your R&D project application for this call for projects between 13 June 2024 and 31 October 2024. Your project consortium must include organisations based in a minimum of two of the countries listed in this call for projects. This call is for R&D&I projects in the field of: Disaster Resilience, Response and Recovery. Collaborative international R&D&I and technology development projects can help society prepare for, respond to, and recover from different kinds of disasters. R&D&I products and solutions can save life, prevent or limit environmental catastrophes, and help society prepare for a future where climate change is expected to increase the frequency and scale of many kinds of disasters. Disaster types covered: • ‘Man-made’, including widespread destruction resulting from conflict and war, urban fires, and industrial accidents of various kinds. • ‘Natural’, including avalanche, flooding, extreme cold and hot weather, drought, earthquake, storms, volcanic activity, and wildfire.

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