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EU-China Vaccine Collaboration Forum 2023 (Brokerage Event)


Nov 3 - 4, 2023

Wuxi, China

English, Simplified Chinese


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About this event

To cope with rapidly changing pathogens, and to control new and recurrent infectious diseases, the crucial role of international collaboration in promoting vaccine R&D and innovation should not be underestimated. The global biotechnology industry will usher in a new period of rapid growth. How could those vaccine companies seize international opportunities? Faced with such revolutionary biotechnology, could the mRNA technology be a turning point in history of vaccine development? What will be the hotspots and challenges of Synthetic Biology in tumor therapy and other immunotherapy fields? What could AI mean for the future of the vaccine industry? The EU-China Vaccine Collaboration Forum 2023 will focus on vaccine development trends, policy tendencies, GMP benchmarking, R&D hotspots, processing technologies, vaccine industrial standards and commercialization of novel vaccines, to facilitate more cooperation opportunities in the vaccine industry, and to build a more effective communication platform for Chinese and European vaccine industry insiders.

Event Organiser

EU Project Innovation Centre