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Meet the Buyer - Climate Neutral Building Installations


May 29 - 30, 2023

Göteborg, Sweden



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About this event

Meet the buyer - Climate neutral technical installations - Radical solutions for climate neutral technical installations in buildings Gothenburg in Sweden plans to radically decrease climate impact from new construction and renovation of buildings. The goal is to decrease climate impact by 50 % to 2025 and by 90 % to 2030 (base year 2020). The city has already come a long way in finding climate neutral solutions. However, a critical area where many new solutions are sought, is technical installation products and systems in buildings. Therefore, in this matchmaking, we look for technical installations and systems with a low climate impact from the product stage (low emissions from the operational phase are assumed). We look especially for products & systems with the following features: - Decreased climate impact from the product stage (A1-A3 in LCA) by at least 50 % - High recycled content - Reused products - High proportion of bio-based material - Circular services, e.g. restoration/upgrading of installation products (toilet seats and sinks, lighting fixtures, etc.)

Event Organiser

Business Region Göteborg AB