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Top 6 Features to Help You Host Amazing Virtual Job Fairs


Nov 9, 20224 min read

Undeniably organizing and constructing virtual job fairs requires a lot of work. At job fairs, recruiters present their companies to prospective employees. Therefore, everything should be seamless. It's crucial to note, however, that different virtual platforms offer various virtual job fair features that aren't necessarily in line with those of the organizers. But with the proper virtual job fair software, you can design enjoyable and simple virtual environments for remote attendees.

You should also be able to assist recruiters in attracting talent by providing an immersive virtual experience through interactive webinars, branded booths, and resume searches to connect with the suitable candidate at the right time.

b2match virtual job fair platform offers a broad range of features to construct the ideal event for you and your participants.

1. A Comprehensive, Searchable, and Effective Job Board

Job seekers can find all they need on an effective job board. Employers can post job openings and have them appear on a page that promotes opportunities. Companies post searchable job postings on the job board that can be enhanced with files, photographs, and videos to make the job posting more appealing. To find the ideal fit more easily, job seekers can use several tags from various categories in the job ads to filter and locate the right fit. Job seekers can effortlessly contact the employer who extended the business offer for an interview.

2. Job Fair Company Page

Employers benefit from increased visibility thanks to dedicated job fair company pages, where job seekers can look up important company details and access all of the organization's vacancies in one location. Companies can create their page to promote their brand and attract potential employees. The b2match online job fair software enables all registered company members to be identified as company representatives to simplify the management process of the virtual job fair for big companies. To ensure your attendees get the most out of their networking, b2match features the option of gathering virtual business cards. Participants can even bookmark intriguing profiles from other participants for later access.

3. Efficient Job Fair Applicant Profiles

Give job seekers a chance to stand out! Allowing them to create and customize their profiles can help them attract potential employers.

Job seekers can create and personalize their profiles on the b2match virtual job fair solution to appeal to potential employers. To entice potential employers, let them design and personalize their profiles. Pose questions about experience, education, and other factors that employers will use as filters. Allow applicants to upload their resumes or any other necessary documentation.

4. Customizable Job Interview Process

Make recruiting a two-way process! Both companies and applicants can use the search tool and filters to connect or arrange a meeting to find the ideal match. As the virtual job fair organizer, you get to determine whether employers send meeting requests to job seekers or the other way around. Additionally, you can establish booking rules and select from a variety of requesting and scheduling modes. The meetings can take place in person or through the built-in video conferencing b2match feature.

5. AI-Powered Meeting Recommendations

To suggest interesting profiles to each participant, b2match's AI Meeting Recommendation engine employs real machine learning algorithms that process enormous amounts of data. b2match’s AI Meeting Recommendation system uses intricate algorithms that process huge amounts of data to recommend interesting profiles to every participant. This AI event matchmaking tool increases engagement and high-quality matchmaking interactions. b2match uses machine learning to provide the best matches for your participants.

6. List of Meeting Priorities

Give attendees a chance to voice their preferences by designating a meeting priority for other attendees or businesses. They can more easily find the right match with the help of b2match's AI-powered profile recommender. Participants can register an interest in meeting with another individual or company and can rank the priority of their expressed interests as low, medium, or high. Participants can easily change priorities on the list if they decide to change their minds before scheduling is complete. One-on-one or group meetings can also be scheduled ahead of time by participants.

The final say goes to you, the organizer! You can determine the ideal matches between the participants by using the meeting priorities established by the participants. You can set up a meeting between participants with just a few mouse clicks. With the b2match virtual job fair software, you can choose the time slot and designate a table or booth for the meeting. To speed up the scheduling process, you can assign attendees to dedicated tables or booths. By inviting more people, you may provide even more value. When needed, you can even organize group meetings.

For some, hosting a virtual job fair may be an unfamiliar process. However, the right hiring event platform can make your event stand out by offering all the essential features. The platform features listed above will not only help you have a better experience at the virtual job fair, but you will also be able to manage every part of your branding as those of your participants.

The good news is that the event networking platform provided by b2match includes all these features and far more. With years of experience, b2match has assisted companies and individuals in organizing fruitful career and job fairs. A simple and quick setup is only the icing on the cake. Create valuable material to expand your audience and let b2match take care of the rest.

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