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Hosted Buyer Events

An Engaging Event Platform For Hosted Buyer Programs

Reduce your workload with pre-scheduled meetings powered by AI. Give every participant an unforgettable event experience with a software made for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.

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An Engaging Event Platform For $$Hosted Buyer$$ Programs
Hosted Buyer Meeting Priorities.png

meeting priorities

Allow Participants to Create a List of Meeting Priorities

Give participants the option to express their interests by selecting a meeting priority for other participants or companies. Our AI-powered profile recommender help them find the right matches more easily.

  • Participants indicate that they would like to have a meeting with another participant or company
  • They can categorize the expression of interests by using a low, medium, or high priority label
  • Participants can tweak the list by changing priorities before the scheduling is done
Hosted Buyer Meeting Packages.png

meeting packages

Sell Multiple Packages with Different Meeting Bundles

Get your suppliers their money’s worth. Set up different tickets and limit the number of meetings they can have.

  • Segment your Suppliers and set up a meeting limit for each tier
  • Configure separate tickets for each Supplier tier and charge them accordingly
Hosted Buyer Manual Scheduling.png

manual scheduling

Use the Meeting Priorities to Efficiently Fill Out Buyers’ Schedules

You have the final say. By using the meeting priorities set up by the participants, you have all the information you need to match the right Buyers with the right Sellers or Suppliers.

  • Create a meeting between participants with just a few clicks
  • Select the time slot, and assign a table or booth for the meeting
  • Reserve dedicated tables or booths for Buyers to make the scheduling process even quicker
  • Bring even more value by adding participants and create group meetings when necessary
Hosted Buyer Customizable registration.png

Customizable registration

Pre-screen your Buyers with a Flexible Registration Form

Cherry-pick buyers with ease. Define specific questions that allow you to determine whose participation you want to approve.

  • Divide your participants into specific groups, such as Buyers, Sellers, or Exhibitors
  • Set up different questions for different groups and get all the information you need
  • Validate the Buyers that match the criteria and send automated email notifications to the ones that didn’t make the cut

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