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Terms of Use (Participants)

Applicable between B2MATCH and event participants (“You”)

1. Introduction and Scope of Service

When you register for an event on the website or our platform you agree to the terms and conditions set out below. In case there are additional event organiser related Terms and Conditions you agree to those as well. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, you may not register for an event on this website or our platform.

B2MATCH offers online- and app-based services with interactive features for which you will have to create a profile. The interactive features allow you to sign-up for event related sessions (e.g. workshops, bilateral meetings), search for other participant profiles, request bilateral meetings (if foreseen), view profiles of other participants and keep you up to date with topic related upcoming events.

If event participation requires payment you will be transferred to a third-party web site created by an external contractor acting as processor (see section 7).

During the registration process personal data will be collected and further processed for the purposes detailed hereafter.

1.1 Role of B2MATCH

B2MATCH provides the technical platform infrastructure and the matchmaking software. B2MATCH may also act on behalf of its clients to assist with creating event sites.

1.2 Role of the event organizer

B2MATCH events are managed by our clients (event organisations) indicated on the Contact page. The event organizers determine which information is collected and online accessible. For any event related questions contact the event organizer directly.

2. Data Protection

Participants data will only be used by B2MATCH as reasonably required for providing services as contemplated hereunder and in accordance with B2MATCH Privacy Policy (https://www.b2match.com/privacy-policy) and all applicable data privacy laws and regulations including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (collectively, “Data Privacy Policy and Rules”). Both B2MATCH and its clients will comply in all material respects with the Data Privacy Policy and Rules and will provide such help and cooperation as is reasonably necessary or requested to the other to comply with the same.

Subject to the terms of this Section, you acknowledge and agree that B2MATCH may use all data you provided or collected by the services, including but not limited to data related to service utilization and your data, on a historical, aggregated and anonymous basis (collectively, “Aggregate Data”) in compliance with applicable laws and B2MATCH Privacy Policy to provide the services and for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to the distribution and provision of the Aggregate Data to other B2MATCH clients and for the preparation and distribution of benchmarking, research, and/or analytical materials. B2MATCH shall maintain appropriate security measures for all collected data in accordance with these Terms.

Unless we have your permission, B2MATCH will not disclose or share personally identifiable information collected on the Site with any third party (except as required by law, pursuant to a governmental request, or for purposes of providing you the services). B2MATCH shall be permitted to inform participants continuously about topic-related upcoming matchmaking events. Users have the right to opt-out from receiving such updates at any time. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, you acknowledge and agree that use of the B2MATCH services to transmit, process or store sensitive personal information (as defined below) is unnecessary for use of the Services and therefore client shall be solely responsible for any such use of the services by himself or its employees, agents or subcontractors and B2MATCH shall bear no risk or liability for same.

2.1 General remarks on visibility

The event organisers determine if participants profiles and related data (e.g. contact data, business profiles) are public visible on the website or platform. Usually contact data and business profile related data are visible to facilitate the matchmaking process (email and phone are usually excluded). B2MATCH, the organizers and co-organizers as specified under “Contact” on the website may use your contact data to assist you if required.

2.2 Private events

In case the event is operated as a “private” event, your data are only made accessible to validated participants. This is explicitly indicated and mentioned on the website. In case of uncertainty please contact the event organizers for further details.

2.3 Other participants

Due to the nature of an online matchmaking platform published profiles and related data can be viewed by registered participants and any other website visitors.

2.4 Event organizer

Event organizers and co-organizers have access to all data you provide (password excepted) and can download it for event management related purposes like attendance lists, printing badges and catalogues but also to assist you before and during the event if required. The event organizers may also import your contact data into their CRM systems for reporting or related purposes.

2.5 Event co-organizer

Event organizers can assign access rights to co-organizers where appropriate (e.g. an Austrian co-organizer may receive access rights for Austrian participants).

2.6 How long do we keep your data?

The availability of a matchmaking website is determined only by the main event organizer. Usually a B2MATCH matchmaking websites are online for about 2 years after the event. B2MATCH may store your data for a longer time, if requested by law or to handle contractual issues

2.7 Inserting

During the registration process you are requested to provide data as indicated in the registration forms. Inserted data must be correct and must not violate any laws or other person(s) and/or organisation(s) rights. You can edit and modify your data at any time you like.

2.8 Editing by the event organizers

Event organizers and co-organizers shall have the right to modify the submitted data for quality enhancement. B2MATCH and event organizers need to maintain quality of the Platform and Services. Therefore, it might be necessary to assess the accuracy and integrity of your data and to correct, erase or rectify any data collected from you, also if there is a need for event related adjustments. By using the Platform, you consent to the aforementioned data corrections described. If you do not agree, please inform B2MATCH or the event planner immediately.

2.9 Deleting data

Via your user account you have the possibility to delete your account at any time. Please note that in such case all data you have published will be deleted. We will keep records regarding the time when you have deleted your profile account. Event organizers reserve the right to remove your registration for their events at any time. This shall not affect your B2MATCH user account. You can also request the deletion of your profile via the main event organizer. Usually a request for deletion of your profile is processed in due course. In case your request is not processed within a reasonable period of time please contact B2MATCH (privacy@B2MATCH.com).

3. Changing Terms of Use

B2MATCH may modify these terms from time to time up to its sole discretion. You will be notified about an upcoming change prior to its effective date on the B2MATCH website. Therefore it is recommended to regularly check the terms section on the B2MATCH website for any updates. Changes to the terms will only apply if you accept them during the next logging.

4. Website Content

The static pages of the website (Home, Agenda, Contact, etc) are edited by the event organizers. B2MATCH has no influence on that content. Information published on B2MATCH event websites must comply with the laws of the country, where the event takes place. B2MATCH websites may contain links to third party websites. For these external websites B2MATCH shall not be liable.

4.1 Participant’s profiles

Participant’s profiles are created and edited by the participants. B2MATCH is neither obliged nor has the capacity to assess, inspect or examine any of these data. Should you materially breach any provisions of these Terms or any statutory laws, B2MATCH shall be entitled to temporarily or permanently lock your profile and or event websites as well as delete any unlawful data or information hosted on the platform. You are obliged to deploy adequate technical and organizational measures to prevent misuse of B2MATCH services (especially access by non-authorized persons). Data and content published on our platform or website shall adhere to operating, legal or ethical rules, the general code of good conduct, moral standards and/or public order.

The website itself, the graphics, images, pdfs and similar content of B2MATCH might be protected by Copyright Law. It is therefore not allowed to edit, copy or publish such content without the explicit prior written consent of B2MATCH or the mentioned sole owner of the copyright. You will also not undertake any technical action that violates the copyright of B2MATCH or the mentioned copyright owner.

You agree that B2MATCH and the event organizer can use content published by you irrevocably for the purposes described in these Terms. As long as B2MATCH and the event organizer are granted the right mentioned above, you are liable for the published content and any damages resulting from any violation or breach of any third parties rights (especially copyright). You shall hold B2MATCH and the event organizer harmless in this respect.

6. Technical Information

6.1 Data security

B2MATCH undertakes various technical measures in accordance with data protection law to prevent abuse from outside. This includes measures such as firewalls, anti-hacking programs and other security measures. The data on the B2MATCH servers are backed-up twice a day. B2MATCH undertakes all necessary measures to avoid any loss of data. In the very unlikely case that data are lost B2MATCH does not assume any liability for any loss data.

6.2 Disorders of online access

B2MATCH cannot guarantee constant accessibility or functionality of the website or a cloud-service. B2MATCH shall not be liable for any defects that may exist or for any costs, loss of profit, loss of data or consequential loss arising from the use of our platform or website or any inability to access the website as well as from any incorrect information.

7. Fees and Payment of Costs Incurred

Event organizers may decide to charge fees for the attendance at an event. In this case you may be asked to make an online payment via an external service provider like Stripe, Paypal, or Mollie. B2MATCH is no party to such a payment function and shall not be held liable for the success or failure of such payments.

In case payments have to be made, B2MATCH also collects payment related data. Credit Card related data are processed by third-party providers like Stripe, Paypal, or Mollie only.

You hereby agree that you will only use the website in accordance with these Terms and/or additional Terms and applicable laws and regulations.

You are responsible for any content provided which is published on this website or platform.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless B2MATCH and the event organizer for any loss or damage, including any legal, administrative or technical charges, that may arise from misuse.

Due to the nature of matchmaking events, organizers initiate several mailings to inform and alert participant’s about the start of booking B2B meetings, reminders to book B2B meetings, confirmation of participation, meeting schedules, feedback, etc.

B2MATCH may inform you regularly about topic-related upcoming matchmaking events. You have the right to opt-out from receiving these emails via an unsubscribe link attached to each email at any time.

In case you do not want to receive any further mailings via the B2MATCH platform for a specific event please contact the main event organizers. In case your request is not handled promptly feel free to contact B2MATCH directly (office@B2MATCH.com).

9. Consequences of Breaching Terms of Use

In case of any infringements of these terms B2MATCH reserves the right to delete your user related data and content published by you.

10. Limitations of Liability

B2MATCH neither endorses nor examines any of the material or documents submitted to us and/or posted on the website. This includes the accuracy of any text, information, data, representations, statements or other material of whatsoever kind. B2MATCH is neither liable nor responsible for the quality of an event.

We shall not be liable, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, for any direct or indirect damages or losses resulting from gross negligence in connection with an event and/or the website. This exclusion shall apply in respect of, without limited to, any interruption of service, lost profits, loss of contracts or business opportunity, loss of data, or any other consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages, whether arising in contract, tort, under statute or otherwise.

11. Law Applicable and Place of Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Vienna. Austrian law is applicable.