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Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival 2022 - Matchmaking

Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival 2023: A Successful Matchmaking Event for Energy Start-Ups and Investors with b2match


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13. Sept. 2023 | 3 min Lesezeit

Thanks to our powerful event management solution and advanced matchmaking features, the Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Tech Festival 2023 was able to seamlessly connect participants with the right people and facilitate meaningful conversations, resulting in a highly successful networking event with even more outstanding numbers than the year before.

The event is organized by the German Energy Agency (dena). The event was created to facilitate matchmaking between start-ups, companies and investors in the energy and climate tech sector. The goal was to provide an opportunity for start-ups to showcase their innovative ideas and technologies, while allowing investors to discover potential investment opportunities and support the development of new clean energy solutions.

The organizers continued their collaboration with b2match in 2023 as well to make their event even more efficient and effective. Through our platform, they were able to offer a user-friendly booking system for participants to easily schedule their meetings.

Matchmaking targeted two main groups of participants: start-ups and investors.

The main goal of the matchmaking was for start-ups to get funding and support to turn their ideas into reality, while investors needed to find promising projects to invest in. Through the matchmaking sessions, both groups were able to network, share ideas and find potential partners for collaboration.

As a start-up, the event provided an opportunity to find qualified investors and pilot project partners during effective one-to-one meetings. As an investor, the event provided a chance to find interesting start-ups with innovative solutions for the energy transition, as well as co-investors. Established companies had the opportunity to find partners to discuss new technologies and innovative solutions and potential collaborations.

SET Tech Festival 2023 was a one-day event that brought together innovators shaping the future of energy. The festival featured inspiring keynotes and panel discussions, live pitches from the SET Award finalists, an exhibition area featuring international start-ups, deep dives, and targeted 1:1 meetings to amplify participants impact . The event showcased the best start-ups in the field of energy solutions, innovation-driven corporates, investors, and public organizations leading the energy transition.

Renowned speakers from EIT InnoEnergy, European Commission, Breakthrough Energy, and World Energy Council shared their insights on the latest trends in the energy sector, including hydrogen technologies, long duration energy storage, and energy investment insights. The event featured exciting panels that discussed these topics in detail, providing a platform for participants to learn about the latest innovations in the industry. The event also hosted 15 live pitches from the SET Award finalists, giving start-ups an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and technologies to investors and potential partners. In addition, there was the SET Award ceremony, which was held during the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue’s evening reception, giving participants the opportunity to network and build relationships with other attendees.

Organizer’s main focus was to actively engage participants in matchmaking, that is to increase booking numbers, and to manage participants on-site. Based on our recommendations from the previous year which turned out to be efficient, the organizer increased the number of tables and added additional 15-minutes timeslots this time from the very start. We also prepared and sent emails to encourage more bookings, which helped to double the booking numbers. With our provision of on-site assistance, the organizer was confident that their matchmaking process will operate seamlessly, free from any disruptions or glitches. Our event customer support team was present on-site, ready to offer immediate support to participants, addressing any inquiries they might have and guaranteeing business matches made via b2match to meet at the event venue without any hiccups. This level of support has proven to be invaluable, as it helps to create a positive and productive atmosphere for everyone involved. With our on-site support, we are confident that we can help organizers achieve their goals and create successful networking events.

The organizers were able to bring together participants from 33 countries, which created a diverse and exciting environment for networking. Our set-up suggestions helped to improve the event by making it easier for participants to connect and find potential partners.

The event achieved its goals by facilitating 376 scheduled meetings mainly between start-ups and investors (173 meetings more than 2022!). This provided an opportunity for start-ups to showcase their innovative ideas and technologies, while also allowing investors to discover potential investment opportunities and support the development of new clean energy solutions. Overall, the Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival 2023 - Matchmaking was a success, helping to drive innovation and progress in the clean energy sector.


dena / Deutsche Energie-Agentur

The German Energy Agency (dena) is a centre of excellence for the applied energy transition and climate protection. They work with stakeholders from across all sectors, on both a national and international level. As a think tank, they study the challenges of building a climate-neutral society and support the German government in achieving its energy and climate policy objectives. dena develops solutions for climate neutrality and puts them into practice. To do this, they bring together partners from politics, business, the scientific community and all parts of society – with enthusiasm for one of the most exciting tasks of our time.

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