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Cyber Essentials Certified Event Matchmaking Software

You probably already know that personal data is valuable and needs protection. But do you know how to determine which websites care about your data and take measures to protect it? You probably don’t. We share a lot of personal information on the internet every day, and sometimes this data is sensit

Sara Svalina

28. Juli 20222 min Lesezeit


Event Management Tips

4 Tools to Increase Event Networking Meeting Numbers

As an event organizer of b2b networking events, you want to encourage as many succesful meetings among attendees as possible. Which can be hard. Unless you use the right tools. Make it as easy as possible for networking event participants to find high potential meeting partners to get them to book

Britta Pichler

7. Juli 20224 min Lesezeit


Event Management Tips

8 Reasons to Start Using an Event Networking Platform

Once your networking events start hitting the 50+ participant mark, you should start shopping around for an event networking platform. Why? Well first, to make your life easier. But more importantly, to increase attendee satisfaction and your matchmaking, or partnering achievement numbers, during yo

Britta Pichler

4. Juli 20225 min Lesezeit

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Event Management Tips

Do You Know the Real Value of Event Networking?

Organizing a successful event means understanding the real value points of event networking and making sure you deliver on them. Because when they are addressed well, it will inspire participants to network among themselves. And that’s the real value of your event. So let’s dive into some intense r

Britta Pichler

14. Juni 20224 min Lesezeit


Event Management Tips

Greener Event Networking Tips for Organizers

It can be difficult to make event networking more sustainable and green - especially if you're on a budget. Here are some tips to help you get started: 1 Do Your Research Before you start planning, it's important to do your research and figure out what sustainability means to you and your event net

Britta Pichler

13. Juni 20223 min Lesezeit


b2b Matchmaking

Create Successful Hosted Buyer Programs with Matchmaking the Easy Way

What is a Hosted Buyer Program? A hosted buyer program or event facilitating meetings between qualified buyers and sellers, suppliers, or exhibitors. As opposed to traditional trade show events, hosted buyer programs usually result in a higher number of meetings because they are pre-arranged. Variou

Grgur Tustonjic

5. Mai 20224 min Lesezeit

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b2b Matchmaking

Learn How AI Can Help B2B Networking Events

We've all been there. Sitting in front of the TV, trying to find a new show to watch. Scrolling through an endless list of restaurants, struggling to find the best takeout to order. The paradox of choice affects us on a daily basis and the overload of information is making it more difficult to choos

Grgur Tustonjic

21. März 20223 min Lesezeit


b2b Matchmaking

The #1 Value Add You Must Offer Event Participants

On any type of b2b event, whether it is a virtual, hybrid or in-person matchmaking event, rich participant profiles are a crucial factor for increasing the number of meetings. The more information they show, the more likely they are to pique the interest of other participants. However, it is importa

Grgur Tustonjic

3. März 20223 min Lesezeit


Event Management Tips

The Power of Event Organization in the Palm of Your Hand

We all know the powerful tool that is our mobile phones. There is an app for almost anything. Including an event app that makes organizing and attending a b2b networking event more structured and smoother for both the organizers and the attendees. Although our event networking software was mostly u

Grgur Tustonjic

19. Jan. 20226 min Lesezeit


Event Management Tips

6 Tips to Structure Virtual or Hybrid Exhibitions + FREE Template

Some aspects of virtual events, whether 100% virtual or hybrid, are now solidly part of event organization. They have proven their worth and most participants are familiar and comfortable with them. However, translating virtual or hybrid events into a trade show or exhibition is proving to be a lot

Britta Pichler

26. Nov. 20217 min Lesezeit


Event Management Tips

Organize Covid Safety Measures for Your Hybrid Event with Ease

In the past two years, virtual events have proven that participants can create meaningful connections without being in the same physical location. Now that events are returning to halls and venues, organizers are trying to find the best solution to support their events in times of Covid. b2match sta

Grgur Tustonjic

17. Nov. 20215 min Lesezeit


b2b Matchmaking

We are the #1 Choice for EEN Matchmaking Events

b2match event matchmaking tool and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) enjoy a longstanding partnership. Having worked together for around 10 years, b2match has adapted its event matchmaking software to fulfill EEN specific needs. In 2021 alone, EEN chose to manage over 450 events with around 89,000

Kurt Burtscher

5. Nov. 20215 min Lesezeit