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Highlight Your Speakers To Attract More Participants

Big names are important. Make sure to put an extra spotlight on them and attract more registrations with a dedicated Speakers page and profiles.

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Highlight Your $$Speakers$$ To Attract More Participants
Speakert Section on event website.png

speakers page

Highlight Your Event Speakers With A Dedicated Page

  • A separate page showing all the event speakers, including their name, company, and picture
  • The page is auto-generated and updated every time you mark someone as a speaker
  • Each speaker card is linked to their speaker profile where visitors can find more information
  • Reorder the speakers however you see fit
Speaker Sessions section on Participant Profile.png

speaker profile

Enrich Your Speaker Profiles With A Biography And Presentations

  • Each speaker can have a short biography visible in their profile
  • Upload a presentation so that participants can download it after the speech
  • Connect speakers with the agenda so that other participants can see which sessions is the speaker on
Speaker Session on Event Agenda page.png

Speaker’s Sessions

Further Promote Your Sessions With Big Name Speakers

  • Set speakers for your sessions to create a clear agenda overview
  • Speaker avatars will be shown on the session cards
  • More speaker details are shown on the session page

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